How to spot an unmarked police car?!

Does anyone look out for unmarked police cars much?
Since I got pulled by an unmarked astra (and a bloody diesal one at that YUK), and then seen a grotesque ORANGE chavvy looking ford RS2000 or whatever stick it’s blues n twos on after someone tried to race it, it’s gotten to be a bit of an obsession!

Does anyone know a good way to spot them, is there a certain age beyond which the filth won’t use them or anything?

The bad news : I think the Met Police use several types and colours of cars - they will all be fairly new because H & S regulations preclude them from using ‘old bangers’.The good news : In London, they are more focussed on reducing crime than targeting motorcyclists so there wont be that many unmarked traffic cars around.

My advice - ride sensibly so you dont attract Police attention and pay attention to whats in front of you, thats what you are likely to run into!

If your behind them, it’s easy. They have a far too complicated “dashboard”. Looks like a gadget nerds bedroom.

If your in front, you’ll know when the blues and twos start.

alot of them have a second rear view mirror just to the left of the normal one, this so that passanger plod can look behind the car aswell.

i just keep my eyes peeled when i see a Volvo on the motorway…

You don’t get out much then do you?:wink:

Some of the replies so far are myths. I mainly drive a standard Mondeo, Focus, and Volvo. All unmarked. There’s nothing about the Focus and Volvo that could ever identify it as a Police car. Nothing at all.

Why would you want to spot plain wrappers? Why don’t you just ride in a manner that doesn’t require Police attention. You’ll not get stopped unless you’re riding like a loon. Believe it nor not, Police in unmarked cars in London have better things to do. However, if you’re riding like a nutter then expect to be stopped.

I think you’re right and I’ve just got a bit obsessed with it!
And to be fair the nasty astra that got me was actually on an otherwise deserted motorway just outside Sheffield (where there are obviously no murders/assaults/muggings/drugdeals/benefit fraud taking place at 1 o clock on a saturday morning!)
And the unmarked boyracermobile was actually in Staines (boyracermobile country!).
So…on your advice I shall henceforth concentrate on riding without a guilty conscience!:smiley:

Good reply, good advice, many thanks :slight_smile:


i normally spot them from miles away…

often they are in uniform, even in unmarked cars! or the unmarked uniform…jeans, fleeces …met a few coppers that i would never have clocked, but 9/10 times i clock them…Cars…well they use all sorts…best tip is to check the occupants out and the dash as you pass by etc

also. i totally agree about Mets, thy will leave bikes alone most of the time, even when filtering slightly agrressively:rolleyes:

but if your being a proper tit you will get pulled…

I agree difficult to spot these days. Surprising cars as well. There was a big chase round me yesterday including a black jag!

As far as I know the only reliable method is by looking at the plates and windows for dealer markings. Police cars won’t have any car dealer markings or stickers. So if you see a newish clean car with zero dealer stickers, beware. The ‘older’ Vauxhall Omega’s are easy to spot, as so few of these are left on the road in totally clean condition.

when the blues come on lol i dont worrie about em 2 much. if i get nabed its my own fault:w00t: my old mans car looks like a pig car yes dad u reading this!!! somming ur not telling me:P plus u can usally smell bacon

If there are 2 people in the car lol and they both seem to be large bald or short haired men

Lots are on purchase through hired brokers so some do have dealer stickers.

Also, don’t look at the dash as this makes no difference. Everything is neatly tucked away.

Not in Thames Valley motors it ain’t… you can see the ANPR cameras and the extra aerial.
And Thames Valley almost exclusively use Vauxhalls… so beware all dark coloured Vectras / Omegas (they still have a few)

still use the omegas round lewisham aswell.old mans omega looks a bit like a unmarked car lool.:hehe:

What , like the SILVER fooker that has had me twice in the car :frowning: