How to spot a londonbiker

Sneak up behind him at the lights and if he’s on a bleeding great Africa Twin and has a londonbikers sticker on the back of his helmet, it’s probably MacP! Morning mate!

him up early thats a first lol

What do you know about his morning ritual, Ginger?

its just that he was out till about 10.30pm last night and well he does need his beauty sleep

awww Macp does love his Africa twin doesnt he?

I wonder which he loves more, the bike or his dog

It’s a tough one Chocs - But I like them all equally - except when the dog chews the wall!

Morning Micky! Sorry this is a bit late - good to see you!

And as for bleedin great Africa Twin that bleeding great CBR1000 star cruiser isn’t exactly small is it!!!

H would be chuffed to be mistaken for one of his larger cousins but he’s only a 600. It’s my presence wot makes it seem larger…