How to post a video

For this tutorial we are going to assume the video is already online (ie; YouTube, Vimeo, etc). I believe you cannot directly upload videos from your pc to LB, most probably due to the file sizes of a lot of videos. So if its your own video upload it onto YouTube.

I’m going to show you how to put a video (Ludacris - Act a Fool. URL: on LB. Theres a different method depending on you uploading a video to a new thread or replying to an existing thread.

To upload to a new thread
This is really easy to do just a case of pressing the YouTube button and pasting the link.

To upload to an existing thread
So this is the more complicated bit. When you are commenting/replying to an existing thread you will get a simplified toolbar where this YouTube button is not displayed.

The majority of websites will give you a simple link which in my case is this; and they will also offer you an embed link, which will be what you need. An embed link looks something like this; <iframe width=“420” height=“315” src="<a href=“”">" allowfullscreen></iframe>. See below of how to do this on YouTube.

Once you have copied the embed code go back to the thread you want to post a video reply to and click on the HTML button and paste the text

Above you can see the code in HTML mode. You will have to make sure it is in HTML mode otherwise it will not work. After this switch it back to design mode, add more text and/or edit your reply as you please.

Here is my end result:

… and for your entertainment

Thanks for that. Never noticed the “Youtube” button before, which appears not only when you post a new thread but also when you click the “New Reply” button on an existing thread.

Could you please show us how to embed a vid from Liveleak? I used to be able to do that easily but of late, especially after the LB “refresh”, I have had problems. When I copy and paste into the html window I just end up with rectangle of blank, as happened here.

Thanks in advance…

PS Could you also please fix it so that I can post and view the website properly using my Android phone, rather than using tiresome workarounds?

No probs… The YouTube button isn’t at the bottom of the page but yes you can use the other method if you wish.

To embed a Liveleak video its more or less the same process as YouTube.

Lets use this video for the example -

The steps
Under each video there is red button which says ‘Get Embed Code’. Click on that buttonCopy the codeClick on the ‘HTML’ button so you can write in HTMLPaste the codeGo back to design view and edit/add to the post as you please

Its working on my computer. Does it work on yours?

Hey it worked! The technique you described is the one I’ve been using but either the gremlin on this site has been resolved, or there’s been a change at Liveleak.

Great stuff! Thanks.

There you go… Done :slight_smile:

you tube button seems to be offline lol