How to pick up a motorcycle the right way....lmao

A little vid DTR ross showed me a while ago so i thought i’d share.

swearing gets results :smiley:

Thats right!!! haha

I was expecting to see a pic of your bike in the back of your dad’s Escort is in this thread :frowning: lol

sure dan u can have that photo with the outher bikes we have gotten in out van =]

first ts 50

second ts50

first dt 125

second dt 125

kaister xtr 125 the first time

ajs 125

kairser xtr 125 the second time

all in order of witch they went in lol

Better known as ‘The not so Magnificent Seven’ …125 mates rates recovery service125 specialist wheeler dealerThey keep breaking down :crazy:You keep crashing them :hehe:Having trouble removing your front wheel? Call in the experts XTR Cam & Dad Ltd :slight_smile:

BTW the title is a little mis-leading, it should be ‘How to Lift a motorcycle’ …

I was expecting a video offering tips and advice on how to make casual acquaintances with, and increase your chances of having sex with motorcycles.

Dan you Bastard LMAO…

Rodss cool pics haha

Art Dont think i got and videos on having S*X with motorcycles but i bet there is in some deep dark corner of the interwebs…

Also ross great photography you got your thumb in that last shot, takes alot of skill to do that. HAHA!!!