How to pick new boots

You out already, has yer arse recovered?:stuck_out_tongue:

You out already, has yer arse recovered?:stuck_out_tongue:

Tried the Sidi Adventures today, loved em… :frowning: Really shouldn’t try on the most expensive pair of shoes first :smiley:

You’re worth it! :stuck_out_tongue:


If they’re anything like the Crossfires they should last a bloody long time. Mine might need new soles, which I never expected to have to look into!

Another vote for the black rains, had mine 4 years, used summer and winter and never leaked!

Also have Hein Gericke Rallye III GORE-TEX boots for off-road use, again waterproof, but tempted to get the Sidi Adventures, they did feel good when I tried them on.

I have those too. They are great and easy to walk in too.

Hey buddy.

What I’ve found with boots is, there are some brands that fit well and others that fit not so well - directly related to the shape of my feet and lower legs/ankles.

I can’ really offer advice but I can share my past experiences if that helps?

For the past couple years I’ve been wearing Alpinestars SMX-Plus boots:

(sorry massive image)

I’ve toured france, corsica, scotland, gone all over england in these and they’ve been great. Very comfy and feel right on my feet (again personal preference).
They aren’t waterproof (although I think they do a waterproof version now?) but I wear Sealskinz socks underneath to keep my actual skin dry…

They cost £200ish and have been great. I pop the toe sliders off, whack a blob of superglue on then and then pop them off - stops them getting accidentally knocked off and lost.

I have crashed in them twice and they have been fine - the impacts I sustained weren’t really based around the ankle/foot region.

Bit fiddly to put on and off
Sole is quite thin and can wear through with lots of walking.

I’d advise you to get down to a shop, try LOADS of different pairs and get a feel for a certain brand or design that fits your feet well. Sit on your bike, walk about in them.

Then don’t buy them on the spot - go away and stew on it for a couple of days. Make sure they’re the ones you want. Then go buy them and tell us what you’ve got! :slight_smile:


Don’t underestimate comfort . . . I have wide feet and most boots I’ve tried are torture. If you are riding dreaming of the moment you can get the damned things off you are distracted and won’t be riding well.

Personally I wear Daytona Roadstar GTXs as they come in a wide fitting and are really good quality. Sure they are £££ but I can wear them all day, walk about in them and not really feel I am in bike boots.


Personnnneellllyyy I like to ware Wellington boots I find that when it rains they fill up with water and it helps balance the bike in the turns!!


The Biker

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I have worn the Sidi B2 GTX boots for 4 years, great boot! loads of protection- A GTX Race boot really., comfy when new but at 4 years old now they are a bit ‘loose’, plus the usual Sidi trait of the sole disappearing…:angry: but they have never leaked in that time, and i used them everywhere! from track days to couriering. :slight_smile:
they go for around £230 now.

Currently wearing Dainese TRQ Race Out Boots, and i love them!! NOT waterproof but they do hold out really well, very rarely get wet wet feet, just the odd patch here and there, really doesnt bother me tho?

super comfy, they have an inner boot -non removable- and unlike many boots, the open from the back not the side, dunno why but i like it, i find it easier to get them on and off, the inner boot narrows around the ankle area aswell so your foot/ankle is locked in nice and snug.

Your Requirements…

for the money you have to spend, it would be silly not to get Gore-Tex.

toe sliders- if your not getting the hornet over you wont get the sprint that far over…the hornets handle very well for what they are, super easy to crank over. sounds to me like you dont really need toe sliders, but that said if you do touch it down it stops your actual boot getting scuffed up etc toes down is a bad idea anyway really, normally goes with peg down…which can dig in…you get the picture.

Saw the SMX Plus Gore-Tex at On yer Bike the other day for £169.99 ( I think !! )

good call, i cant get on with those boots, i find them clumpy? cant feel the bloody gear change at all, but i know some love them.

go try a pair!

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