How to pick a dropped bike

do you need to be wearing a skirt :stuck_out_tongue:

Yer… i remeber lasty time i was trying to pick my bike up in a skirt!!:w00t::w00t::smiley:

Silly girl… all you need is a low cut top underneath your leathers… blinking of the eye lashes and a helpless look on your face… works everytime!:hehe::cool::w00t:

nah i just go " oi get this bike of me"
always works:)
i dont do fluttery eyelashes :stuck_out_tongue:

how often you drop it??? :w00t:

I think its a really useful thing to be telling people about - although its only one technique of many…

The last time I had to pick up a bike it was a big Honda following an accident. Not mine.

For the life of me, I can’t remember how I did it but I sure didn’t use my bum but that looks a good technique if it’s a realy heavy bike.

I usually find that the shock of seeing the bike lying on the floor provides enough adrenaline to get it back upright - I don’t like the idea of riding a bike that I can’t physically pick up e.g. a big Harley or a Goldwing - but then I wouldn’t ride one of those even if I could pick it up!

I was once told (so might be borrocks) that the m/c test in Japan requires the rider to lay down the bike and then pick it up.

Reportedly, the authorities were worried that too many little runts were riding big powerfull m/c’s and getting into too much trouble. This was a cunning ploy to force riders to buy smaller bikes.

Anyone know if this is true or cack?

I have heard the same and think it is true. I’ve picked up a FJ1200 single handedly. Held the front brake and turned steering towards me and lifted. Adrenalin does things and made a 280kg bike feel light. Done the same with my light 200kg Sprint RS. Helps to be big I guess… :smiley:

lol im always dropping it getting it in the gate ,
and i crashed yesterday going round a roundabout and it landed on me , again!
so the guys in the vans that nearly ran me over had to come pick it up for me :stuck_out_tongue:
im gunna be f***** when i get a bigger bike lol