How To Kill Your Motorbike

gnahaha, what a way :smiley:

i hope it was his and didnt ask to see how that exhaust sounded :smiley:

hahahahahahahahaha FAIL!!!

He instingtively went to turn the ignition off. Was a bit late for that though.

Bike for Sale, 10,000 miles one owner, great for Barbecues…


I love the new flame paint job. It looks so real!! :laugh:

Have I been doing it wrong all these years …

If that’s the official Yamaha mode d’emploi for warming up a Ninja pre-ride something must have been lost in the translation

oops. he didnt seem too bothered did he? :w00t:

lol, I think it probably wasn’t his - probably the other bloke who came running over at the end :smiley:

Yamaha, Ninja? :blink:

stupid polish c u n t :smiley:

lmao.wat a dick

Keyboard malfunction …

hahaha gutted!!

Do you think i could use it for spare parts? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How could he do that to a beautiful Ninja! They are like the Page 3 birds of the bike world.

Imagine the uproar if someone done that to a Page 3 bird.

Opening up a page 3 girl? I’m sure plenty of Premiership footballers have been there :smiley:

Now thats abit of a statement…

Personally think best bike on the market at the moment is the BMW S1000RR rode mates few weeks ago brand new and all silly gadgets taken off like anti wheelie and such :slight_smile:

Was just lovely want one so bad now