How to identify forum members

A few times on my commute I absent mindedly wonder about the other bikers I see on the road… Where are they coming from? Where do they work? Are they a London Biker? :wink:
What about stickers for number plates or whatever to identify fellow members? Might be a nice touch and increase a bit of traffic light banter?

LB Stickers - now there’s an idea. :smiley:

Ha! Oh so do I assume they exist? I did have a look in the store before posting that…

We are out of stickers at the moment but I’m sure it’s something we will be sorting out.

Nice one PJ, let us know.

Interested in some too!

If someone still has contact with smiled (Shane) then maybe he has a few left before he left us.

i reckon we should have some small stickers of the half helmet on the lb logo, tthey would be good number plate stickers…

i dont think we usually have them…

Arm bands is the future

I thought most members could be identified by the sloping forehead , long arms and mighty hump on their back .

Why not stick a flashing light on your head

A day glow jacket on

All ride the same bike

All whilst trying to keep your hair from covering your waistcoat

Hope this helps




I’ve ordered myself some stickers which are on my helmet’s. I have decepticon logo on bike or helmet or as you may see in the avatar nickname on the back of the helmet. And the others… well people which I meet and know (and sometimes like) I can spot by recognizing their bike.


leather vest with just the london bikers logo on the back…lool hehehe

i like the idea of the sticker or how about one of those brake reservoir socks/covers with the lb logo or something similar, that way you’ll be able to tell from the sides

I think I got the last stickers. :slight_smile:

Alright smartasses :wink:
Well I thought it was a good idea!

At least no-one suggested arseless chaps.

The stickers have always been a good sign of fellowship and the new design went down well. We had a batch but they all got sold. A new order will be going off soon I’m sure.

We need a Secret Signal.

How about an “L” Shape?

Don’t however have your hand near your forehead when you do this…

Nice, do we have to salute all bikers in this manner?:slight_smile:

We might be misconstrued as doing this one:

have lb stickers on the back of my HTC helmet, on my exhaust can, on my fairing