How to get to Cadweel Park from Portugal

Hello to all,I´m very to ask this question but for you guys must bee easy.

How can i get to Cadwell Park from Portugal, i´m getting a flight, but dont know were to, and no transport…

Were can i stay at a low cost price.

Trying to go to the next race at the end of the mounth and take some photos… it´s a dream for over 20 years…

Sorry about my poor english:(

Best Regards

Miguel flores

Yikes! Well first of all look at a map to see best flight destination. Then find somewhere to buy a cheap tent (supermarket best) as all accommodation will have gone by now.

Cadwell is 10min drive from Louth which is the biggest town in the area and I’d say get a taxi from there (where train etc likely to take you.)

Good luck and PM if you do manage to get there, be good to meet at last.

Not sure about places to stay mate, but can probably help. The best airport to fly to is probably Leeds, but I could be wrong…not much help, sorry…

Airports wise, you have a choice of Leeds/Bradford, Humberside or Doncaster Robin Hood. Doncaster Robin Hood is probably the closest and possibly the easiest to get to Cadwell Park from.

As for getting there, you could either hire a car and drive or get a train from Doncaster to Louth. However the car option would obviously be easier.

Accomodation wise, your going to be hard pushed to find anywhere local to Cadwell Park to stay by now. The local campsites are all fully booked too. If your happy to book a hotel then there are a few choices within driving distance…Travelodge/Premier Inn have a few options in the Boston or Lincoln area. Another option is a hotel Ive used a few times called ‘The Lincolnshire Oak’. Its a nice quiet hotel in a town called Sleaford, competative prices, good bar and food but relatively basic rooms.

In summary, if it was me making your journey, I’d fly into Doncaster Robin Hood, hire a car and drive to the Premier Inn in Lincoln. Id then use this as a base for both Cadwell Park and to visit some of the local attractions.

(another option would be to look at staying somewhere commercial like Butlins in Skegness or Haven in Mablethorpe. These are both less than 20 miles from Cadwell Park. There are also a large amount of other Holiday sites and guest houses along the coast between Skegness and Mablethorpe)

I hope this helps

Any more info you require, please feel free to ask. I was local to the area for quite a while so I know the area very very well.


Thanks alot for the information:)

Dont know if it will bee this time, i was cheking yesterday the prices and they are high…

Will see what i can find

Andrew just one thing!! can i take good photos from the Place were the crowd stays, as i dont have a accreditation:(

going to check more flights


Thanks alot for the information you know the area for sure:)

The prices from the flights are very expensive at the momment, will see if i can get a lower price ticket:)

And for sleep i will do it in the car hehehe

Thanks alot:)

Dunno if you’re too late to get any accomodation or camping, but contrary to some of the advice above, you’re 40+ years too late to get a train to Louth…

Flight wise, there’s also the option of East Midlands airport.

Fair one…Market Rasen or Lincoln are probably the nearest. Or Skegness if you want to sample the delights of the UK’s Costa East.

Another option could be to drive to Bilbao/Santander and get a ferry to Portsmouth then drive to Cadwell Park. This is probably the most expensive option though.

Miguel, yeah Cadwell is a good place for spectators, there are almost no high fences - 95% of the circuit has waist high fencing and is pretty close to the track.

for example :