How to get both wheels of the ground with one abba stand!

no need to buy the abba front lift. just a rope/belt to keep the rear lowered

What a hideous clash of colour between the fairing and the wheels. :sick:

even easier just buy a bike with a center stand and either strap the front up or the rear down…cost ££ bit of old rope or a half decent ratchet strap :Whistling:

centre stand and a car jack under the downpipes is my preference

nooo …poor vfr use the hefty bracket on the headstock and a strap

I tend to utilise the ground more than anything else . I find its always exactly where I need it to be and less complicated than stands and straps . Even if its just to make polishing easier by altering the angle of the working position .

NumNum you nutter. I’ve never known anyone quite as excentric as you… Love it :stuck_out_tongue:

Do my filters the same way as num num. Saves oil going everywhere

Not short of space (or revolting child princesses) in America then?

Or bad taste colour schemes.

NumNum. Go get an old blanket from a charity shop! I know it’s a bit sophisticated, but not very.

I have a one of those camping mat things underneath them startegically placed :wink:

i think the colour scheme on the bike is meant to match the becker technik logo. i dont mind it myself. :slight_smile:

Thus proving that some people either have no taste or are colour blind.

I say NO… did this last time and one of my pipes came out… right at the engine. Need to sort it out as it passed the MOT but was lucky… blowing some air.

In regards to the colour it depends… Blue Yellow… Corona racing colours???

Agreed, jacking a bike up from the downpipes isn’t too smart…

better to do it from the sump…

I thought I was the only person to do this lol its much easier than any lift, although petrol loss can be a little expensive

I have a little syphon pump ,but usually I just time the job with the amount of petrol in the tank :slight_smile: