How to fit your own crash bungs - great tip

(on a K8 GSX-R750)

OK, so bung no.1 was a cinch, how impressed were you with your mechanical skills, screw that bung right on to the exposed engine… And now the second bung… but, wait! What’s this, you have to drill a hole in the fairing?! Aw poo…

Pop the fairing off, unscrew the engine bolt so it can touch the fairing when in place (or shove some pipe in the bolt) and grease/paint the end to mark the fairing. Drill a small guide hole where the grease is. Remove fairing and then drill out a 1" hole. I didn’t have a 1" cone drill but it can be bodged - a £2 coin is exactly 28mm so draw around that and cut and sand that hole out with whatever you have. Ta da!!

If you’re worried about imperfections (I wasn’t :D), the bung obscures the hole. As long as you get it in the right place in the first instance. “Measure twice, cut once” as a wise man once said.

PS I cheated and a mate with a compressor powered drill did the hard bit. :wink:

Good job, well done :smiley:

I have seen Martinn and R1cky drill holes in the fairings on Martinn’s brand new fireblade, I was crapping myself and it wasn’t even my bike, they done a good job though. Thankfully no fairing drilling needed for the crash bungs on my CBR600F

It was the £2 coin that deserves the credit. :smiley:

Well done to that £2 coin then :stuck_out_tongue:

it is a bit worrying cutting fairing.

My good tip would be though! Rather than cutting and sanding which is always dodgy! Use a dremmel with a mini cylinder type sanding drum attachment and hey presto! it will eat through plastic at what ever speed you like so you can get good control and a perfect circle cut which dont need sanding :cool: