how to fit an acumen 1020 alarm system

I have just bought an acumen 1020 alarm system has anyone fitted one of these and can you give any advise on how you did it. trying to fit this to a honda cbr 1000.

I’ve got one fitted on my CBR929 RR.

What I did was

  1. Connect the Red wire from the alarm to the feed appropriate feed (-ve i think) on the starter relay.
  2. Black wire was secured onto an earth - in this case, it was the bolt between the fuel tank and frame.

That pink wire - leave it alone. I was persisting with a multimeter, using the brake light switch feed which they suggested I use and I found that even with ignition off, there was still about 0.3V going through the system so it set off the alarm. That said, honda’s got HISS so it probably won’t be able to be hot wired anyway.

  1. connect the indicator wires to the live feed and bob’s yer uncle (connect them using the scotchblock)

It helps to use a multimeter, or a mate that knows electronics because I’m close to useless. 10 minutes and it’s installed. I mainly use it as a motion sensor alarm in conjunction with my Xena XR1 disklock.

I wired the LED light so that it’s showing through a bracing on the tank. I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures since it speaks a thousand words, but then again, i don’t want to unknowingly show how I installed my alarm to the wrong audience if you know what i mean?

Did you get yours from M&P/Busters for £40 quid? They’re not bad units mind, much better than those crappy cyclone alarms off ebay which goes kaput after 1 month!