How to deal with Telephone callers...

Must try this one!!!

that was so f*cking funny i cant stop laughing

I cant listen to it coz I havent any sound at work, however we once prankd a sales guy that kept ringing. He was an american and wanted to sell some shares to our MD. After he persistently tried calling I ended up telling him that I was on reception and only had the authority to pass him up to the 4th floor, where he would have to get someone there to pass him up a few more floors! Well, then i transferred him to Karen in our office, who answered ‘hello, fouth floor’ and this went on untill Amy, another one of the office girls said that she would pass him to the top floor. So I answered it, “hello Boiler room”. He asked to speak to our MD and is said, “sorry but you’ve been passed up too high, I’m in the boiler room at the top of the building and I only have the authority to pass you to reception” The guy put the phone down, but only after speaking to myself, 2 sales girls and 2 directors, including the MD who he was desperate to speak to, to get to the ‘top floor’.

T’was really funny, we still laugh about it to this day.

That slaughtered me when I first heard it a while back and its had the same effect…Quality…

“Las Vegas” “Couple of Drinks” and “A Cute Little Mexican Midget”

Class Act !!

if gay is your way its ok, hahahaha

Sh*t Im gonna have fun the next time British gas call…or better still the balliffs LMAO