How to convince your parents?

my way was to buy it and tell my parents later.

mum was a bit upset but she’s got better now and seems to be fine

Mate when I got my bike I went with my neighbour, he gave me a lift, picked it up and I was at home with it, my mum didn’t say anything, what coudl she say… take it back???

I have a faimily friend and his kid was around so I took him for a ride on the bike, he loved it, he is now 21 and he has been working in a pub, he saved up and got himself a Gixer:):slight_smile: I would probably give him more of a lecture than his parents:):slight_smile: the lecture would be about safety security and bike thefts gear and proper riding… not that he should have not got it lol:):):slight_smile:

LOL my parents where the same and said dont go rushing into buying a bike jus cos u passed ur test start on something small, we dont wanna see a big sports bike on the drive when we come back from holiday…they went away n went and got my bike lol weren’t too pleased but wot could they do lol n now my dad wants a ride on it

Guess what guys I’ve convinced my parents to let me get a new bike ideally the yamaha r6 , the problem I got now is trying to sell my bike I currently own , anyways i’ve put it on mcn website and for a 10ner they advertise your bike online for 6 weeks , put it in there magazine for a week depening on what deals you wana do , but hopefully someone takes interest in my bike.

hard time to sell fella especially wit a bike thats not that well known…i always find biketrader is a good spot for a quick sale…also stick it on sign up and its free to advertise i think…all my cars/bikes ave gone quick once on there as alot of young impulse buyers (like me!) use it ;)…good luck selling and you will most definitley enjoy the R6! :smiley: