How to convince your parents?

Hey Peeps ,

I own a Hyosung GTR 250 cc 2008 , today rode to work kept staying in neutral had to call aa to take it back to bike shop , parents said to me I need to get a new bike , they know i’ve seen a r6 in black 2007 model going for 5 grand , I’m paying fully comp on my bike now around 560 fully comp , got a quote on yamaha r6 for fully comp 945 , but they say why do i have to get a top of the range bike , how do I convience them to let me get it? any ideas? lol

just realised it’s spelt convince lol

tell them that its you thats got to choose the home they end up in, and if they want to see out their days happy then they should make you happy now

LMAO!!! Joker i’ll take that on board

Tell them that these bikes have better brakes for stopping… :smiley:

Lol, I’d go with this, top advice if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, it’s your money, you have to ride it so you should get whatever you want :slight_smile:

whos paying for it?

cos the voices said you should?

I’m paying for it and yes them voices told me to do it LOL:D

Who’s gotta ride it and feel comfortable and confident on it?

Tell them the depreciation is less on that bike so it’s an investment as much as an upgrade - show them you’re thinking about more than just “Mmmmm… bike… drooool…” :smiley:

lol very true Stevie , the thing is i’ve always liked Yamaha top bikes this is my chance I just hope they let me get it , it’s a amazing bike the one i’ve seen.

Definitely go for the safety point of attack.
When my hornet was stolen and I got the insurance money, my dad went to look at some second hand bikes with me just out of interest. He was horrified because so many of them looked terrible and he kept going on about accidents and bent forks. In the end they lent me some money to get a better bike. :D:D:D

If they don’t know anything about motorcycles you could go about it in a few different ways. I would personally say that it’s the only bike which is going to give you the reliability that is needed, which is obviously a safer option as you don’t want them brakes not to work or that back wheel to lock up when on your way to work! If that don’t work, sell your 250, go buy the r6 and then you won’t be able to take it back. :w00t:

Depends on how long you have been riding and what your circumstances are.What sort of security have you got? A newish R6 dont tend to stay for long on the side of the street.

Is the cost of the bike going to totally clean you out, or will you have extra for the extra security, training, tyres and servicing that come with a bike like that?

Are you looking to use the bike every day, or is it more of a weekends and laugh-mobile? Every day use (salt/rain/bike bays) will also take a toll on a P&J like that.

Also you are going for a fairly new R6 why not go for a brand new one on 0% finance?

Or you could go a bit cheaper (£3,000) and get a slightly older model but still in good condition, but spend the remainder on security, Bikesafe, track days, etc.

Tell your parents you have changed your mind as you have seen an r1 like for instance this one


which is much faster , then say “i suppose i could get the slower r6”:smiley:

Or you could just go see an R1 and ask the bloke for a test ride, if he says yes jump on it and leg it… don’t come back… free motorbike.

OK that was out of order… but it really is up to you, I said it before, the total cost of my bike so far is about £20000, this includes insurance, gear, security, services, accident repairs… etc etc…

i would just buy it any way naff my parents all thou they would bug me to get it lool:D

or hold on I have a better idea… you take your passport out and say what does it say on that??? Over 18… ahhh yes… that means I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FECK I WANT!!!

haha i had this with my R6…they refused to drive me across london to get it as they assumed i would be stuck without a way of getting there and would give up…so i rang up the guy, haggled a bottom price and used the spare cash for a cab :D…got shunned for a few days but they got over it :stuck_out_tongue:

plus everyone knows R6’s are the least powerfull and therefore safest of the 600’s, some may say even the perfect learners bike ;)…well, thats all your parents need hear anyway

theres no way i would let my boy ride and R6

it would have to be a Gixer :stuck_out_tongue: