How to change handlebar grips?

Is this something a novice (an I mean, novice) bike mechanic can do?
What tools do I need?
Are there any obvious pitfalls I should avoid?

Any advice greatly appreciated?

These are the ones I’m thinking of installing…

Knitting needle, WD40.

Push the needle (ideal for the job long, pointed but nice rounded tip) under the grip, spray a little WD40 in and work the needle ground the grip, and then slide or peel off.

Worked a treat when I changed to heated grips a couple of months ago. Still have the original grips intact if I need them again.

Push grips off, do not try to pull them as they just grip
on the bars tighter.

^^agreed. and hairspray for sticking the new ones on

how do you push the grips off?

Don’t get excited and push the bike over. Do as kevsta said there’s no pulling or pushing then and they slide straight off.

use wd40 as said and rotate them off…(essentially screwing them off)

Hairspray works for getting them off too, and doesn’t leave a residue of oil on the bars

+1 hairspray off, then back on again.

Use the force Luke…

Actually I’m not taking the piss of you, you have to use some sort of force, preferably body strength to remove them.


If you remove the switch/throttle assembly
from the bars it is usually easy to push the
wide end of the grip and slide it away from
you and off the bars.

I prefer not to use WD40 or similar but get
the new grips and bars really clean before
fitting otherwise they can slip when riding.

Easiest and quickest way is to get a compressor , they usually have a normal nozzle attachment and stick it under the grips and blow , mine came off in seconds with no residues at all !

I use WD40 and an old stainless steel car wiper blade stiffener, round the tip on a grinding wheel first, similar mode to the knitting needle but easier to insert.

Give the bars a through clean with methylated spirits to remove the WD40 residue and any other crud you don’t want under your grips.

Yeah WD40 and a knitting needle always goes hand in hand. I use spray paint for putting them back on. Sticks like shite on a blanket!!!