How to buy leathers?

Buying my first pair of leathers. How do I know if they are right?

Found a pair that are snug. However the next size up have a little more “breathing room”. But leathers give 10%… so am I better going with the smaller pair?

Any help be hugely appreciated!

Thank you!

Buy the bigger pair, eat some cake, problem solved :smiley:

+1. LOL…

lol! they will feel quite tight and uncomfortable at first but you get used to it. they should be snug but still give you room to move around. they will give a bit as well. salesman will help you mate.

My last new pair were so tight I could not breath, let alone actually get on the bike. The chap at MW leathers suggested wearing them whilst watching TV for a few weeks.
So I persevered and now they have finished stretching they are a very comfy fit and no nappy arse look.

Interesting post as I have wondered whether my new tight’ish leathers would give or not and wasn’t able to try a size above. However I do find ‘nappy arse look’ rather unappealing…

i was advise to buy snug fit, after wearing layers over winter they have stressed quite a bit

If you only expect to wear them in the summer, buy snug, if you will use them in the winter, allow a bit of room for thermals.

If you think there is any chance of you putting on weight then allow for expansion.

I always “Oil” my leathers, and this will help snug leathers to give a bit, you really should use a light machine oil but to be honest I just use 3 in 1.

I put a few drops on each panel and then rub it in with my hands, it will be touch dry in a few hours as long as you haven’t over done it. It doesn’t smell too much and again shouldn’t be noticeable if you don’t over do it. In other words a small amount of oil goes a long way.

I have been doing this for as long as I have owned leathers (More than 30 years) and it is especially useful on gloves after they have been wet.


One other point:

As an example, if you went into a clothes shop and took every pair of say 32 inch pairs of Levi’s jeans and measured the waist, not all of them would be 32 inches. Chances are they would range from 31 to 33.

If the shop you are trying your leathers on don’t have the perfect fit, it could be worth trying some on elsewhere.


Snug is best as they will give, but don’t just stand up when trying them on.

Some shops (dearer ones) have a bike seat shaped thing you can sit on, if not try bending into the position your knees/arse will be on the bike. Granted they will not be instantly comfy but bear in mind you won’t be in the “standing” position when wearing them.

Just get made to measure.

But not by Scott Leathers :w00t: !!! (The Jetstreams will “get” that one - bless Puppy :kiss: !!!)

Agreed! :wink: