How to burn 1/2 tank of petrol in 5 minutes


niceee. looks lovely conditions for riding its obviously not this country lol.


Look at the mileage on the old girl as well.

180mph for 5 mins= 15 miles travelled…half a tank=10 litres so thats 0.6 litres per mile then…ouch!

pretty amazing really how it’ll do that straight out the box…

mile muncher,known for it, wow:w00t: friend of mine has a 2001 model (injection i think ) 50,000 k, going strong, i read a article that the pre injection models were better ?

Nope… PGM-FI models (2000 and on) are (ever so slightly) better… bigger tank, improved forks, and a bunch of other upgrades over the older carburetted ones.

And yeah, mine has 38k km and it’s barely run in at this point… my old bike lasted 130k km (80k miles), I’m trying to top it with this one. The only thing that’ll last longer is probably Bigguses Pan, I swear it will survive us all!

So, if in 5 years you see me rocking up at a meet with something that vaguely resembles a Honda Super Ratbird, you read it here first :w00t:

good oil and genuine filter, last forever!

mmmm…carb ones better ;), not beat mine on the dyno with an Fi one yet…but then yoshi cams and a mistral gas flowed head… ok ok i’m cheating ( not fitted the big bore kit yet)!!! 161bhp at the back wheel tho…:D:D:D

Hmmm :open_mouth: :open_mouth: methinks if you look at a 152 bhp bike and think “the one thing it’s lacking is power!” you should put the crack pipe down!!

yeah but,yeah but, yeah but…:Wow: