how to becomae a race marshall

Does anyone know how you would go about becoming a race marshall?

I think you speak to the race organisers, like the MCRCB for big events, or ACU for club racing. They both have websites.

Last year a friend of mine entered a team in an endurance series, to take part they had to provide a marshal. So if you could find a team…

other wise contact circuits or the organsers of race series, depends I guess if you want to be doing it at a particular venue or all over teh place for a specific series.

Many clubs run Marshall schools at the start of the season. Bemsee’s was at Brands in February. If you get hold of a club, tell them that you want to become a marshall, they will probably be extremely grateful and will hook you up with experienced people who can teach you on the job.

Us lot thatt race, are extremely grateful for those wishing to while away their hours behind the barrier ready to help us out if we get into trouble.

Racesafe are the guys AbbeyJ and I aaproached regarding Race Marshall work. They have training days twice a year - Feb and June I think. Have PM’d you the guys email address.


Best way to get a sun-tan and watch all the racing for free! Go for it! I’ve been very grateful for the help of marshals after falling off at silverstone in the rain. I couldn’t lift the bloody bike up, I kept slipping over

ok, so this is a slightly old topic I know, but it’s something that i’m doing this year, so I thought I’d share the info that I discovered on my quest…

  • Club Marshalling
    It’s is not usually necarsery for you to attend a training day (though training days do exist at some clubs) - they provide on the job training. Contact individual clubs via their websites.

eg. (you can email the chief marshal from this page) (you can email the chief marshal from this page)

  • BSB, WSBK & MOTOGP Marshalling
    Is all organised by & to marshal at their events you have to attend the training day (which has already passed for this year). Racesafe will open recruitment for the 2009 season towards the end of the year (check their website for more info).

Also I think it’s important to state that MARSHALS ARE VOLUNTEERS - you may get £10 or so towards your travel costs if you are lucky, plus breakfast & lunch… HOWEVER you get to see the racing for free, from the best views of the track :slight_smile:

I was a race marshall at Brands Hatch in the late 80s and early 90s. You have to apply to the BRMC for a form.