How they buried the truth

An expose is on BBC1 tonight at 9pm about the cover up re the Hillsborough disaster. Further details on how I was interviewed by the WMSCS and how my evidence was altered, detailed below.

Here’s my actual statement given to the police - complete with the “Witnessed unauthorised entry” lie written on it.

I know bugger all about football but that’s shabby X 10…:frowning:

You think this cover-up is bad, just wait til this Government is finished with the legal system in this county.

The copper who takes your statement will be employed by G4S.

The copper/CPS officer that charges you will be employed by G4S.

The lawyer that is allocated to you, which you will have no choice in, will be employed by G4S.

The guards that take you to prison will be employed by G4S.

The prison you are housed in will be managed by G4S.

You will be refused any means of defending yourself against mistreatment while in that prison.

The parole personnel will be employed by G4S.

The probation service personnel will be employed by G4S.

G4S will make money from fitting you up.
G4S will make money from giving you a poor legal defence.
G4S will make money taking you to prison.
G4S will make money while you are in prison.
G4S will be immune from any prisoners taking action against them.
G4S will make money on refusing you parole.
G4S will make money through monitoring.

I am sure we can all see that there is no conflict of interest or any dangers in this system.


The guy on QT - Jerry Hayes? - went off a supreme rant on this last week. I know very little about it to be honest, but it does seem that the proposed changes haven’t been discussed / debated much - they are not really in the public domain yet.

Expect they will we significantly changed as/when they get to parliament - but that’s not to say the proposals aren’t nuts.

On the plus side, G4S couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery so you’ll probably be able to walk out of prison whistling a jaunty tune.

Interesting BL. Reading your statement the typed comments, it is interesting/obvious how they picked out the comments that they could categorise to support an account they were trying to prove.

So they picked out your statements about alcohol, unauthorised entry and adverse comments about the police. Their cover sheet shows what they were interested in and these categorisations would have been used to support the story as they were spinning it.

Sounds like you had a close call yourself. I can imagine something like that would be very hard to forget, so it must be very tough for you to expect decent/fair treatment from the police (which, I have to say, is the standard I normally expect).

I’ll watch that with interest - thanks!

Funny that through all of this, no one has mentioned the massive scandal in the 80’s(?) when they were responsible for letting lots of prisoners wander off during transit to prison?

Its all serious stuff I understand that and I hope vengance is served where its due.

But its obvious that your statement has been tamperred with. How could you expect us to believe you ever weighed 10.5 stone :hehe:

pmsl. Mate, I have written proof from the WMSCS! I was once a skinny runt :smiley:

The other thing - check out bottom of page 6 - they redacted my t-shirt. What could be so offensive that the HIP decided it could not be released into the public domain?

There are two problems here BL.

1, They are in the public domain, the consultation paper is out, they provided 8 weeks for people to consult.

2, These changes will not go before Parliament. The Justice minister is relying upon secondary legislation, called Statutory Instruments, to make these changes, so they will never be debated in Parliament or voted on.

The most frightening changes to our justice system will be made with little to no consultation and will be made without any Parliamentary debate.