How the f*ck does it work

Can someone please explain to me “obviously without saying to much” how the f*ck can this be so easy:w00t: and before you all say computer virus, done a complete sweep of both home computers and all clean. Now you have to guess password and then security questions, so how do they do it because i’m baffled :w00t:

are you sure she didnt c0ck up and is blamming a rogue ‘virus’… :blink:

She told someone the log in details?

what you talking? bank? hotmail?

Have you found out from the bank if it is just her account, or is it a mass breach of security?

Bank first made contact with me, then I contacted my daughter to chase it up:w00t:

Her account, fortunatly the bank flagged it up as they were about to transfer all funds from her account.:w00t:

They had several attempts at login thats why it flagged up, the bank was watching as they attempted to transfer all the funds so the bank blocked it and shut down the account, it’s not that easy surely.:w00t:

does she drive? and has she paid for petrol using a debit card?

its one of the more common ways the clone ya details.

She didn’t reply to one of those e-mails did she…?“In order to protect your security…please follow the link below and log in to your account” etc.I’ve been done twice by fraudsters. Once I got my wallet nicked and the debit card was used for a few hundred quid within 30 mins of the theft…BUT…a credit card was also used and that was sitting at home in my desk!? Figure that one?! The bank couldn’t work it out either.Last year I had a call from from bank asking if I was in Pakistan and trying to withdraw funds. I wasn’t.Fair play to HSBC on the first incident: they immediately credited all funds back to my account and sent me some paperwork to sign to legally declare I didn’t make the transactions. End of story. I’ve heard of some people having their accounts frozen and waiting weeks for them to deal with it.

She does drive and she’s saying maybe.

Ratty, nothing to do with card, bank says online attack, is online details on card?

Rob…you dont have to reply to an email or such to download a key logger Trojan…this will send the hacker all the key strokes your daughter has made within a specific period of time…the hacker can programme the trojan to disapear within a set time limit.

how to combat this?

firewalls and anti mal-ware such as malware bytes…spybot search and destroy ect…they will prevent any system changes that has been made due to a hacker trying to get into your system…

sounds like your bank is from Hong Kong…they are shit hot at flaging stuff …;).


ah right, liek smiled says then>? phishing they call it is another form i believe?

Probably a phishing email, they can be very realistic copies of the bank website and she probably entered her details thinking it was genuine.

Another one is to replicate there page, you put your details in thinking your logging in when in reality you just gave them everything.

Saw a programme about this on TV a couple of weeks back …

Didn’t pay too much attention but it went like this. A guy sat outside a house and was able to intercept and monitor all internet activity via the victims wireless connection. He was able to gain log in and password details for the router, the internet, emails, social networking sites, banking etc. as well as detailed internet browsing history. The real shocker was that he was using nothing more than a cheap as chips PC World laptop and some freebie software downloaded from the internet :w00t:

Didn’t bother me too much as my routers wireless connectivity is disabled, I connect all my PC’s via Cat5 as I’ve always felt this to be more secure. I did a little experiment to check how far out my routers wireless signal would get, I enabled the wireless connectivity and found the signal did not reach the street but it did extend well beyond the rear garden fence. Neighbours must have thought I’d lost the plot wandering across the field surfing on the laptop.

My tip of the day is to connect via Cat5 and disable the wireless connectivity in the router :wink:

i never respond to ANY emails from my bank because at the end of the day if they need to get hold of me they will either write or ring…

Agree with Westie , even if they call me from a blocked number I always end the call and then call back myself.

Beware using strange machines.

Keyloggers can either work as software or a plug in bit of kit.

They then record every keystroke.

Also you can “sniff” unsecured wireless traffic (ie unencrypted home wireless network) and read that.

Live in a flat with the mail all being delivered to the hallway? Better hope someone doesnt order a credit card for you or a replacement card whilst you are on holiday…

there was a lot of exaggeration in that programme. yes you can compromise poorly set up wireless internet with very outdated security. however, getting into the machines connected via that wireless will not necessarily be easy. plus you have to sit quite close to the house for some length of time on a laptop, which would be extremely obvious in many cases.

as for the actual fraud, it could have been skimmed at any number of places in a multitude of ways, and at the time everything would have seemed completely normal. if it was done online, your daughter might have just quickly checked her balance on a friend’s laptop which was compromised, or maybe her password is the same for something else and that was compromised. then there’s social engineering techniques, where the buggers ring up and pretend to be someone else, and so on. there’s loads of methods, all fairly sneaky. trust no one, etc…