How sexy is this pipe?

Want want want :slight_smile:

nice… shame about the bike

yeah, yeah… :slight_smile:

Do Laser do cans for your bike, as they do look the nuts.

yes they do look well sexy!!!

Hmm, I don’t know about sex appeal with it but this cans looks good IMO

No EU importer by the looks of things, so I guess it wouldn’t be classed as road legal here.

Got to say I dont much like it. Looks like the bike has had a night on the guiness and is squeezing out an enormous child size turd. Perhpas if it wasn’t so big. A bit flatter perhaps?


Jardine are nice cans. very popular in the States.

JohnP - re laser, they look nice, but IMO are not worth the money. My mate paid almost £500 for a laser extreme for a ZX6R. The one with 4 x pipes underseat one. Looks very nice. Doesn’t sound great though, also, a bloody nightmare to fit, as it is supplied in hundreds of bits with very crap instructions. No exploded diagram.

For that money, an akrapovic would be better money spent, or a two brothers can.

Or save yourself more money, get a Scorpion. Cheap, comes with a lifetime guarantee and sounds the nuts!!

Looks nice!

BUGGER… Have a problem with mis reading this thread titile as how sexy is your zorst…

my zorst dosent look much…but boy it sounds good, often get a compliment or 2

Very sweet & a lil different

Nowt wrong with Triumph’s own sports can in my opinion. But since I’ve got one I’m bound to say that no?


Don’t like the one pictured - it does indeed look big and ugly.

The Jardine is probably the best can I have heard on the ikle trumpet check youtube…its about the same build quality as a scorpion for Aki money though…I have a Jardine on the tractor…baffles last approx 500 miles…can I bothered to re-pack…can I ****