How on earth did this happen?

That is horrendous, how awful must that be :frowning:

I cannot imagine how any of them feel. RIP little one.

R.I.P little one. My thoughts go out to all involved

Typical DM headline though. 3= Convoy!!..

Wow. So sad.

I guess the investigation is ongoing? As they didnt say anything other than the bikers were not arrested at the time.

Yeah I saw that probably be a while before full details come out. Very sad. RIP to the little one and hope the others have a swift recovery.

What a terrible situation for all involved.

I notice that the lack of information didn’t stop the Daily Fail readers from blaming the ‘convoy’ of bikers for imagined reckless riding.

On the A12, our route passes by a large school near Gants Hill way. The kids are dodging cars as we filter through. God forbid, but there’s going to be a nasty accident soon as the kids aren’t even looking. As a dad m’self, I’m in two minds about phoning the school just to politely say, could you please ask the children to use the crossings provided or just be more aware of us.

This morning I was riding into Hackney. Little kid was about to spring out from inbetween a car and a bus. Lucky I saw him, gave a beep, fortunately he paused. Bloody dangerous regardless though.

I don’t know what I’d do if I hit one :frowning:

very sad to read this. my guess is that the grandmother miss judged the speed of the motorbikes when crossing or did not see them at all

I also noticed that same lack of information didn’t stop the author of the story creating an undertone that says “it’s obviously those nasty dangerous bikers at fault but I can’t actually say that”. The only line in the story that is written in an objective manner devoid of sensationalising adjectives is the one about no bikers having been arrested!

Having said that, there’s no taking away from the fact that this was a tragic accident.

Very, very sad, my thoughts are with all involved but especially the little girl’s family.

So sad…absolutely awful for everyone involved and especially that poor girls parents