How often do you...?

Looking at the various helmet posts around this forum got me thinking: How many different helmets have I owned (as a main helmet, not bought for girl friends, wives etc)? Answer: not many.

I started out in '74 with an open-face centurion, quickly followed by a full-face version (with a visor that when raised actually went right over the top to the back of the helmet and consequently blew off with irritating frequency).

Then I bought a Bell. Then an AGV, followed by another, followed by a Shoei circa 1986, followed by my current Arai. I have had a total of about 6 years (1 + 1 + 4, roughly) without a bike since '74. So that’s 27 years and about 7 helmets. Roughly one every four years. About right? (Except I used to fall off a fair bit and dutifully binned the lid each time.)

But since '86 only two. Average one every ten years! Perhaps I should fall off more often. :smiley:

Apart from when the helmet is damaged (obviously bin it), how often do you replace yours?

(And no, I’ve never owned a pudding basin.;))

I always have 2 lids, one i wear to work and the other as best. Once the work lid is knacard i buy a new one and the lid i had as best becomes my work lid.

That’s didn’t answer the question John :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been told a lid should last about 5 years.

He still using CORK lids lmao, gonna change mine next year which is 2 years

4-5 years is the usual prescribed period depending on the make:)

I know it`s about 5 years, just it was very early when i wrote that post and forgot to mention.

Is it the helmet companies that tell us that their stuff is useless after five years?

So that’s why I smell of wine.:smiley:

Would depend on the helmet and how often you use it. If you use it everyday then the inner most polystyrene and padding with compress. Additionally the UV rays from the sun will also degrade plastic/fibre glass-resin shell.

I replaced my Raid II simply because it has become to loose on the noggin. Would I trust it to protect my head in a crash? No. Hence I changed.

I have heard figures as low as 2 years if you use everyday.

that policy - or any involving owning more than one lid - doesn’t sound very good if lids degrade over time. Surely best to have one & run it into the ground & change.

Its every 3 years for nearly every lid on the market

Nolan and Arai along with a few others now say there lids are good for 5 years, but as your helmet get a lil beat up and drop even when off the bike I would buy one every 3yrs… or sooner.

As often as possible if you have an understanding wife :smiley:

having just bought an Arai the booklet that comes with it says it is good for 5 years. As it is quite an expensive lay out then I’m not looking to change it in a hurry, I’ll get my monies worth out of it, that is unless I stuff my bike… I hope the lining does loosen up cos it is very tight on my noggin at the moment. It will probably take a year before I am really comfortable with it I guess. Better to get a tight one to start off with though.

I’ve had 3 lids in 5 years, but I did have a few offs. A Shoei Interceptor that bit the dust when I crashed at Brands a couple of years ago then a Shoei Z-one, but the lining was getting worn and I’d come off recently. Although I don’t think it is was damaged it is a little scuffed so I’m keeping it as a spare.

Mine never last long:ermm:

Do you think after an off… my slightly scuffed Arai needs replacing?

Anyway… It’s an excuse to the wife so I can have a new shiny one…

My Arai is still very tight even though its about 7 or 8 years old. And that’s NOT me wearing it.

Snoody: For £6 you can have your Arai sent up north and checked if its safe, it takes about 9days and you can do it from any decent arai dealer.

Rule of thumb: If the shell has anything more than the smallest scratch on the outter shell Arai will say its unsafe to cover there arse and your own

FalseNeutral: I love that lid where and when did you get it dude?

I love it too and that’s half the reason I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I got it at the NEC Motorcycle show. Come to think of it, probably more than 7 or 8 years ago. Gulp.:ermm:

I think I would be safer keeping the arai as a spare and buying a new one… seen some good deals around on agv ones. (if they fit my head shape, otherwise loads of money for a new arai) my old arai was over 7 years old anyway…


I’m not an expert but my understanding is that with modern fiberglass helmets the rule of thumb of 5 yrs has noting to do with diminished capacity of the shell to absorb cynetic energy when older: that used to apply to polycarbon fibers helmets in the 80s… it maybe only regards the deterioration of the internal stuff (not the head :D). I personally change the lid when the old one is too scratchy… I had a 6 years old Arai RX7RR Crafar replica that I just replaced with this Shoei, and I also wear an open Arai when driving in town