How often do you clean your toilet ?

Come on, I heard some rumours about some toilets on LB . . . not very nice :stuck_out_tongue: Be honest ! :w00t:

My latest labour-saving devices for toilet cleaning are the biohazard signs on the perimeter fence.

got to be once a week - nothing more as I would turn into Monica from Friends :wink:

a friend of mine gave the best comment about cleaning the toilet

“it practically cleans itself!! its prob all that splashing and flushing!”

it was actually his girlfriend!! :w00t: - she wasnt impressed with the comment!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this toilet humour? :wink:

There is no section for ‘never touch the toilet its Debs job’ :w00t:

Same here grim…It’s a “Pink Job”:wink:

Q. How many men does it take to clean a toilet…?

A. None…It’s womens work :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Think after that you might be sitting down to pee:P

once a week or thereabouts i shove a bottle of white vinegar down it to get rid of limescale and all the nasty stuff

my mum does it every day lol

I clean it once a week but i do use baby wipe to wipe toilet everyday, I have a 4yrs well you know what boys are like they miss it sometimes

Not surprised, Steve told me you make a bit of a mess ;):stuck_out_tongue:

how very dare you! reply to my PM!!!

What PM ? You haven’t sent me one ! :w00t: Hope it’s not as mucky as the last one you sent me, I was shocked :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

ssssshhhhh!!! dont let steve know ! lol :wink:

Too right - I have him scrubbing the loo with a toothbrush as punishment :wink:

Once a week or sooner if needed.

Two kids in the house. Daily here, with an antismell thing on the rim.

Never! The maid takes care of that sort of thing…

Depends how furry my tongue is.