how not to use a roundabout

was following this car along a duel carriage way approaching the roundabout and couldnt believe what i saw !!! , its a bit dark and such a shame i couldnt make out his number plate or would have reported him , this was a few weeks ago now but if anyone has got any software to enhance it then please do and let me know cheers

Nobody likes a tattle tale , and did you go all the way around to follow him ? Really ?

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Errr… That’s just a photo.

You haven’t explained what happened at the roundabout.

Anyway what would you do with the licence plate?

And how did you take the still image whilst moving?

Its not a still …click the image …And you will see its another helmet cam stasi justice league member .

click on the image and it will take u too the video , taken with my helmet cam ( its not rocket science ) and i would report to the police for dangerous driving , what do u think i would do with it ??

yes i did go all the way round as thats the way i was going anyway as was on my way home , u sound like u sticking up for the stupid cagers FFS

thankyou numnum

I just get taken to Flickr when I click the still…

try this Conrad, its not very exciting, just some dope making a u turn at a roundabout…

I aint keen on busy bodys with helmet cams whoever they are and whoever they point them at . The police, councils and gudderment already have enough cameras watching us for minor infractions without sticky beaked members of the public joining in .

Thanks Martin

Well Pugzy, that is pretty bad behavior from the car driver there… However, I don’t think it’s worth trying to figure out the reg plate and then reporting to the police etc… You’d also have all the hassle of trying to identify the driver, could have been anyone driving that car at the time as they’re likely to argue.

Where is that anyway, where you have to make a full loop around the roundabout?

Welcome to the forum by the way, it is is customary to introduce yourself if you’re new (it’s not rocket science). We’re generally a nice bunch.

How long have you been riding for, what you ride, for what purpose etc…


I dislike these helmet cam videos. It seems like a new type of facebook status update, “here’s what I saw today.” I could post a video of me tying my shoelaces, would that be of interest?

You lot want to be careful arguing with a bloke with a big gun.


at least there was nobody else using the round about at the time.

wannabe police man… So he took a short cut, could be undercover police etc, who knows. No one was hurt, would have been wiped from my brain in 2 seconds, but then again I have been told I only have 1 brain cell…

+1 amen to that!

fook me so now we are trying to protect ourselves and we are cam warriors??? What that guy did was not a U turn but going against the 1 way flow he went right onto incoming traffic. If you were blasting down that roundabout on your bike being free of traffic and as you were coming around smacking right into this moron would you still say leave it be? This is the damn problem in this country everyone is leaving everyone to do whatever the hell they want. They already made a point on TV by leaving a person lying in the street and it took about 30 or so minutes before someone went to see if they are OK. The potential of a fatality by the maneuver is high so yeah I would report it. I see plenty of people jump red lights… should we leave them be?

Next time I hope they hit you lot and see what you have to say. It only takes one mistake to kill a biker, one tiny hit or bump for you to fly off. I have been using helm cams for about 4 years now and I do have a pretty big archive. I started by saying yeah leave them be but over the past 4 years more and more cars are on the roads and I see more and more bad and dangerous driving which I think should be reported. Give the police the evidence and get them to do something. Not like they are finding our stolen bikes now are they?

Oh bugger off Andrei