How Not To Load Your New Motorcycle

Come off it, with the price of scrap metal these days, he would have got more for the wrecked harley and all the cars and trucks it took out… naturally th only concern was “pretending to do a cool stunt” so the insurance people would buy the “oops I crashed story” :slight_smile:

More Harley killer vids please! Middle aged men driving undrivable lumps of metal badly and lookin like twats… only watching my boss fall into a full latrine pit at a 5-day hippy concert where EVERYONE has been eating vegetarian food, kebabs and too much chilli could be funnier! :slight_smile:

ouch lol :w00t:

:smiley: F@*king dicks. Although it proves that a crowd of people and a Harley rider are a recipe for great entertainment. Good show.

More of the same - seems more common that you hoped