How Not To Load Your New Motorcycle

jeeze, he could of seriously hurt himself - it proves speed saves lives :w00t:

Seriously WTF was he thinking?


Even if he did get the bike to the top I doubt he would got it in the van without seriously scraping the bottom.

that’s funny! :w00t:

Ouch, thats gonna dent the pride as much as the bike!

Used to ride mine up onto the pickup but made a ramp width where I could put my feet down at all times

Found it’s easier to power it up walking along side in the end anyway

awesome, next time try GO GO GADGET FEET…:D.


That was just too funny…loved the way the family were all there to see him fail!

I do believe Jay has a great technique also :smiley:

Tell us more!

:hehe: very funny, could have been nasty though if he was caught underneath it, would have snapped his bones like twigs.Reminded me of this classic - the “throttle lock incident”…


Both of em, muppets.

Thats funny. How was he going to get it off the lorry? Great excuse to tell the misses you HAVE to ride to your new digs

On the second video… how STUPID do you have to be to do that in a place full of cars and people…?

Granted that he had pretty much no protection, I’d say he was fairly dumb ass

To infinity, and beyond!

haha what a knob


or how to load your bike

the made that made me laugh most about this was, he was more worried about how he landed and looked on camera than how his bike was when it disappeared down route 66 alone