How not to load your bike into a van

Looks like a brand new fireblade aswell.

poor guy! That really made me cringe!

Yeah, not exactly Knight Rider driving was it.


whata mistaka to makea

What a pillock

Made me laugh!

I know not cool at other bikers expense, but it was a real stupid thing to do


That’s why you learn slow control folks. cough u-turn cough Bet ya they don’t have that in the states.

why didnt he just push it up… prob has no upper body strength…

Yeh but he’ll get £250 from ‘You’ve been Framed’

Captm… oops sorry Bertorelli

as for the video - DOH!

sorry but what a tvvat!


Stupid is as stupid does…

What a plank

Showing off???

What a plonker.

Ouch thats got to hurt in more ways than one HAHA