how not to get your knee down

i was standing right there taking pics of an lb member when i herd that dreaded scraping noise russ caught it :smiley:





Looks more like ‘elbow down’ :cool:

Who was it?
Hope they’re okay?

ouch :pinch:

oo, take a mulligan on that one.



hope hes ok? looks like he slid a bit!

lost the front i take it, maybe he was pushing it to hard on the front?

dont know who they were but he was standing up ok when the trailer came to pick em up guess he got lucky

Looks like his knee sliders didn’t even get scratched at all from that!

Nuts. Never nice to see a rider go down.

How come he was doing so much front sliding on banking? :unsure:

Crashing is how you learn not to crash. As long he or she isn’t seriously injured and doesn’t get hit too hard in the pocket it’s a good thing and a cool story down the pub!
If there was no risk of crashing where would the skill and challenge be eh?

unless you get taken out by someone else (can you tell Im bitter lol)…

I’m guessing the person in the pics isn’t an LB member then, as Si seems to be saying he was taking pics of someone else?

Great set of pics though, if I was too come off on track I’d love to get a sequence of pics like that!

Fingers crossed the damage to the person and wallet isn’t/wasn’t too severe! :wink: