How not to filter

Some of you, in fact many of you may well have seen this before, but I think from a purely entertainment point of view it is worth watching.

And having watched it a few times, I think the footage is real time speed

oh…how NOT to filter…:smiley:

a little crazy, i cant find the clip but theres one of a someone doing this round paris, prop about 15yrs old now

Looks like Flatout on a Friday night ride from Ace!

surely it’s been speeded up. :sick:

It is NOT real time footage, it has been sped up.

True. I don’t ride like that as a general rule, but I’ve done similar on the A41 on the way back from uni, I’ve certainly seen that on the 406. I’m sure it’s real time, but the lack of peripheral view makes it seem fast. Ghostrider was the ultimate loon.

If you watch the ring attached to the ignition key, it does not appear to be flapping about at an accelerated speed which is what you would expect had the footage been sped up.

Also watch some of the other vehicles, and the behaviour of those vehicles does not point to footage speed having been increased, but the key ring is the real clue.

Jesus! People are fearless.

Can`t see the problem.:angry:

Sorry, but you are wrong. read through some of the more technical comments on the video, many reasons why it is sped up.

crazy mofo

Easily possilble in London too, but as 95% of all crash vids on YouTube are from Moscow… I’d say that’s probably the one and only time it has ever been managed at that speed… sort of like give a million monkeys an R1 an ask him to get round Moscow safely without a pile up… this was the vid produced by the 1 in a million lucky Shakespeare inspired primate!



OK, I cant argue the point as I am not an expert or qualified to comment on video and technical things like this, I only gave a perspective on what I can see, and the fact that other people better qualified than me have also stated that they do not think the speed of the film has been increased.

Ah Fabio… you have staked your claim, but failed to provide evidence of ANY expertise whatsoever… as Bullshitters go, you’re going to fit in round here perfectly… :smiley: