How much?


Just wondering if anyone could give be a ball park estimate of how much insurance may be for me. I would get a quote but im not 25 until next week and dont have cbt for 2weeks. Spotted a bike id like to buy asap but dont want to find out afterwards i cant insure it.
ME: I will be 25 with uk licence and cbt new rider no exp. clean licence.
BIKE: suzuki 125 eg. 90s bike under 1000 value kept in driveway with chains.

just lookingvforba rough estimate to give me a guide as i have never gotten a quote in the uk before. 200, 500, 1000, 2000…rpigh estimate. any help appreciated…

use … and lie about your age etc . Then when you want a real quote … make em the correct age blah blah

1,237.42p. Or use the link above and get a more accurate quote.

I know it seems silly but only asked cause ye guya know the industry…seems daunting when your not from here.
When it comes to getting the best quote what should I do? Online quote direct from an insurer or a broker?
Would one get a better quote over the phone? direct to insurer or broker?
Given your previous exp…

I always just use the multi quote sites as I cant be much bothered with the yak yak on the phone .

Seriouslly - use the link…there will be about 20+ insurers on there and you will get all the prices. Some will be very expensive (1000+) but hopefully there should be some that a maybe 250 - 350 quid.

I wouldn’t bother with phoning up - just put in your real details in a couple of weeks and away you go. You can also get a quote about a bike yet to buy - so long as you know what model it is.

Good luck with it…

Another thing - don’t automatically go for the cheapest - ask in here if anyone has any dealings with xyz insurer (check the praise / shame thread too) and if there are lots of “don’t touch them” stories - don’t touch them!

I think between £400 and £500. My first year on the CB500 was about a K. For a bike worth a K.

Thanks very much gents for your advice.

Another question if you have the time, my father was mad into bikes but sadky he passed away early in the year so I dont know anyone to tell me what to watch out for when buying a bike??? not looking for top creme de la creme just something to get me to and from work 15/20 mins from my house…any tips??

Can you pay a bike mechanic to check a bike for you??

Good to take someone with you…(if you know someone or someone volunteers)

But general tips…

You want a bike that’s been serviced - so check the service history / stamps in the handbook.
You want a bike that’s not stolen / crashed / got HP on it - you can pay (3 or 4 quid) for a check
You want a bike that looks clean - have a look at it, it is spotless? Does it have scratches / dents - always check the handle bar edges / edge of the pedals - as these are the first thing to get scratched (though they are easily replaced)
Definitely test ride a bike - as it needs to suit you and your size. Ride it for 30 mins - not for 2 mins - as you won’t ache properly in 2 mins if it isn’t right.
Insist on all the paperwork - including past MOTs - there is not reason why these should not be available.
If you are worried about buying a bike that might breakdown - go to a dealer and get a warrantee (with cost a bit more but will give you peace of mind)

A lot of people buy bikes - then don’t ride them - have a near miss - get scared - leave them in the garage and then sell them later - so there are always low mileage bargains on MCN and autotrader.

Erm…get along to BM / the Ace - meet some other 125rs and ask their advice. They might be willing to help out too once they get to know you.

Good luck