how much will the new DAS affect me?

i was hoping to do the DAS soon but lateley I just have not had the time or the money to do a theory, study the DVD and do the DAS

im thinking i will likeley not be able to get around to it until 2013 when the changes come into affect

how will they affect me, I am 37 years old too.


If you want to do DAS you will not be affected by the 3rd Driving licence directive.

If you wanted to do the restricted licence on a 125cc you would be.

Have a look at the new rules here:

Is there no way you could scrape the cash together to do your DAS at some point soon? It’s not that expensive really, and so, so worth it for the ‘I’ve passed!!!’ feeling you get at the end of it.

Either way you might want to get your theory test done and out the way. You don’t need the DVD, just read the highway code cover to cover (doesn’t take long) then do a practice one online. I think it was only 30quid when I did it of I recall correctly

I found this DVD fantastic for the theory test:

I got the “Driving Test Complete”, you’re welcome to it but its the 2012 version which has changed since.

At 37, I don’t think the Jan 2013 changes will affect you much. From what I can gather, if you take your DAS next year, the only difference is you’ll have to take the test on at least a 600cc bike, rather than a 500cc as it is now.


cool! :cool: