how much to fit a new valve to a loose wheel

just to fit a new valve and check balance £17 have i been ripped of or is this about right

might have been able to get it cheaper but nedded it done asap ,like today

You’ve been ripped off mate, especially if they just checked the balance and didn’t have to weight it

Did you bring them a loose wheel or ride in?

loose wheel ,reciept said balance checked ,old weight still fitted

wont use them again

Ooh ouch… Should have gone OMC mate… :smiley:

omc ?

Oval Motorcycle Centre

I had a new inner tube fitted and a real re-balance to a loose wheel for £15 inc VAT (Watling’s in Rushy Green) in the summer.

I think we can say you’ve been slightly stuffed.

yep looks like it ,i normally use universal in hornchurch but they have closed

im close to essential rubber when at work will use them in future ,unless its a emergency