How much juice?

How much am i likely to use. TD at Brands Indy?

I dont want to just fill the bike and refill when empty. Im taking so jerries. Would it be advantageous to only put enough juice in for 2x20min sessions or am i wasting my time?

Id also like to budget for the days fuel. :smiley:

Advanced racers and those more interested in lap times will only put enough fuel in for each session, the rest of us will more than likely fill up before we star then add to it at some point during the afternoon.

You will obviously get less fuel economy, my 1098 for example managed 65 miles to the tank when i took that round brands Indy:w00t:

I normally take a 20litre jerry can with me and run a half tank for the morning sessions.

The advantage of brands Indy is because it’s not very long you have time to get back to the pits when your fuel light comes on.

and theres a petrol garage just down the road as well if you dont have jerries which is handy as long as you put your plate back on or not :slight_smile:

I’d just fill up before you get there, then pop out at lunch and get some more - far less hassle and you can at least set the trip to tell you how much gas you use for next time.

Cheers gang.

Im lazy so i’ll take a jerry.

Fill up before to max and enjoy. Cheers

well I get 200 miles to a tank on the road…wonder what I can get that down to on track :smiley:

Knowing you about 220 :stuck_out_tongue:

you cheeky f***er :w00t::w00t::w00t: I’m slow enuf for at least 250 :smiley: