How much does insurance cost you?

I am quite happy I am 22 live in the HA9 post code area and pay £520 TPFT for a 3 year old ZX6.

First year when I was 20 it was £1400!!! I felt sick handing over the cash!

How old are you and how much are you paying?

I am sickened at the amount I have to pay. I have to pay A LOT, because I had a bike theft whilst work last year, and claimed for it. My premium come renewal, was 100% more than it was last time. I pay so much, it makes me sick, but I love my bikes.

I used to pay about £400 for TPFT on my Kawasaki Z750 (5 years no claims, 29 years old, W5 and garaged) but then I discovered and now it’s only £300 fully comp and that includes declaring my Akrapovic. Oh my God, I sound like a bad commercial!! Michael Winner is going to appear any second!

I wondered if they were confusing my Z750 with the original from the 80s but no, they weren’t. Difference is that they are actually an insurance company and not a broker so they’re not paying anyone commission. Also, they really are Internet only - you can call for help but you have to take out and amend the policy online. You can also insure multiple bikes on one policy and add other riders as and when you need to.

What’s the catch? Well, they don’t protect / guarantee your NCB but they do guarantee to release the same amount of NCB as you joined them with no matter how many claims you have. Not ideal if you have only 1 year’s NCB but not bad if you have 3 or more. Hope I never have to find out if they’re any good at claim time…

I bet you do. Plus your only young aren’t you? 24-25 ish? and living in London with a brand new GSXR 1000. Worth it though hey!

I have a multiple police and pay £500 for the 3 bikes fully comp. In 2003 I had a blade and a gixxer 1000 plus a scooter for 550 fully comp. Got 6 years of NCB and garage. SE19 post code.

Before I used to think it was quite rudse ask or tell how much you pay for insurance but now I realise that we have to get info in order to know if we are being ripped off or not. Hope it helps one of you.

I’m with CIA by the way.

I’m 26, and pay £2k, I think that’s just for the Gixxer, the DRZ is £400, I believe. Good to hear about this online insurer, I’ll check them out at renewal time!

Statistics:- 25 years old, 3 points (3 just fell off), theft claim, accident claim on me, riding 2 year old R1, Data tool alarm, Garaged in good Cul-de-sac area, and 2 years No Claims.

Hi, I’ve just turned 25 and i had my R6 stolen 2 years ago and have a non fault crash against me on an old bike, but as it turned out the bike wasn’t correctly insured due to a technicality they automatically gave the case to the third party. Any way, after my R6 was stolen, for which i was paying £750.00 ish TPF&T with 2 years no claims, when i was 23, the renewal came in at silly amounts of money for the older S-rad gsxr i had bought!

After slowly working my way back up through the ranks namely, 2 gsxr s-rads, a 600 hornet, 2 gilera runner 180’s, and finally another R6 at the end of the year it all didn’t seem that bad as i’d basically “Paid As You Go” through the policy to change vehicles, and with the end of the year being closer everytime it was ok.

Next years insurance and one years no claims behind me the R6 Cost me just over £1000.00 TPF&T and i was swallowing that just waiting for the next no claims discount to come round.

About three months before the end of the year i was offered a 2003 R1 for money i couldn’t refuse and my insurance went up to nearly £1700.00 if i’d calculated it over the year. Then last monday the renewal came up from my broker (which i’ve been with since that start of my riding career) at a fairly respectable £1000.00 TPF&T.

Just out of curiosity i rang round and found the same quote for £950.00 TPF&T. Great. So i rang my old insurance company back and told them and they asked who the quote was underwritten by, and it turned out it was the same people who already insure me and had given me the £1000.00 quote ( oh and all Fully Comp quotes came in between £1800.00 and £2600.00).

So i set the brokers to work and they finally gave me a quote for “£840.00 sir, oh and that’s Fully Comprehensive too”, a ripped the blokes arm off and am now pleased as punch, he even threw in recovery on top.

Just goes to show what can be achieved with a few phone calls!

I’m with Simply Bikes (Under writers are H.S.B.C)


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2003 GSXR750 (garaged), a couple of years NCB, 29 years old and living just outside Oxford: £750 fully comp.

Thats down to the claim I suppose hopefully it should start to come down soon. I think the first few years after a claim are a little rough. A good insurer I found was riders choice. They are all bikers there and I had a 45 minute chat with the bloke when I set up my policy about bikes. They were the company that beat my existing company when I changed to them. My existing company wanted £1300 for the year and riders choice under cut there quote to £800. I couldn’t believe the saving. The next year they brought it down to £500 even though I had had a bad accident in my car and had a claim against me.

If anyone wants riders choice number just let me know. Best insurer I have found.

Mate I love your R1 that is my favorite model! I intend to trade up to that model.

31, with zero NCB, fully comp on the SV with an SS1 postcode £423 with

( don’t confuse that with the "Premier Scottish Gay Club “” )

Can’t fault them either ( so far ) .

30, KT12 area, alarmed, data tagged, garaged, 1 years NCB £750 Full Comp, thats with H&R.

Was a very good find, when my renewal came through from Bennets they wanted £1,500 . Had gone up by £150 and that was with an extra years NCB, always best to go round as many Insurers as Posiable.

04 KTM 625 SMC, 28 years old, 6 years NCB, Garaged, HA9, no alarm etc. £310 TPFT with legal protection and full breakdown cover, Remus system, black placcys and graphics all declared. I thought that was quite good. Elite underwriting agency.

when i got my gsxr k1 , 20 years old no point accidents claims etc, 1years ncb alot of calling around garaged IG7

750 tpft

Im hoping now im 21 that will go down come december :slight_smile:

30, 3 points (SP30) licence for 2 years, 2 years NCD. Bike is an 03 CB1300, with full Akrapovic system, not garaged, RH postcode £700 fully comp including pillion totty cover with Carole Nash (who seemed to be the only people who would insure me with a NFRU zorst system). Everywhere else wanted silly silly money - Honda Insurance wouldn’t touch it

He he! … I’m gonna make y’all feel sick now … I live in EC1 (can’t get much more central) and I pay £150/year TPF&T … Okay so I’m 38yrs old with a clean license, old bike and it’s garaged when not in use.

When I buy me a Busa over the winter, I have a feeling their gonna charge me a little bit more!!

I’m 39 in W13 with 4 yrs NCD and my '98 ZX7R is kept on ‘private driveway’. I pay £280 TPFT with (gawd can’t remember, Dev-something I think!!). This includes business use.

If you do Bike Safe you get a 5% discount for the people I’m with (old age you see - memory loss - ) and I get a 5% for IAM membership.

I’d never have fully comp again unless I bought brand new R1SP or summat, 'cause once you claim, you’re stuffed for the next few yrs. I’d rather pay M9 or similar for self-inflicted damage than feed their grubby wallets.

That’s why I’ll always ride older cheaper bikes. Less to lose.

HAHA ! Devitts - that’s who I’m with.

29, 0 NCB and pay £750 TPFT for a 2000 ZX6R with H&R. Mainly because I’m forced to keep it on the street I imagine. I’d never go for fully comp at the moment either because at two grand a pop I could almost afford to buy a new bike every year anyway. Are most people here lucky enough to have a garage or private off-road parking? I never seem to see any other bike relegated to the street…

Seems there a common theme, London bikers are ripped off by the insewerants. Apart from the ‘older’ generation

Paid about £500odd last for a CBRFSport, 30yrs old 1yrNCB, Garaged with MCE. Again they were the only company that would touch me having had my R6 stolen the year before. Got stung an extra £120 or there abouts for changing to a new £5k Gixxer600K4.
Seems that even with a garage its no cheaper, SE postcodes are apparantly higher as well. Didnt help that my postcode is only 2 years old so I kept getting the line “we have no data on that postcode so it immediately gets placed into the highest bracket” - w@nkers!"!"!

I’ve just bought an old Superdream for winter/commuting so I’m hoping I can get a cheap dual policy with the Gixxer as a 2nd bike.

Best companies I’ve found are MCE, H&R (Highway) and Wicked Quotes. H&R were very good, but last year they told me they now only insure over 30’s with atleast 1yr NCB Which is ok for the renewal in Nov anyway.

Just got the renewal through for the SV, 45 2 years NCB, (lost two years after the last one was nicked) kept in front garden(now 4 foot lower than it was before) alarmed but not security marked. SE4 postcode £187 TPFT. down nearly £100 from last year.