How much do part worn tyres go for?

Just about to pick up a Pirelli Diablo rear till I can get mine plugged… maybe able to get more if anyone wants them.

All fronts are 17" so no good to me.

I have seen them for £60 a pair at bsb meetings… is this a normal price?

Sounds about right for a pair of used track tyres

Obviously depending on the wear of the tyre and how many laps they have done is how much they will go for…


id say thats a fair price as long as its got a fair bit of life in it

Ok, well i can get 160-55-17s and 120-70-17s for £20 each, just picked up a rear for my blade, anyone else want any?

Its a Pirelli supercorsa, presuming others are the same.

When he fits it to my rim (oh errr Mr) tomorrow I can pick them up.

Amazing tyres, I’m running them at the moment and I haven’t a bad thing to say about them! Even in the god damn pouring rain! Quite cheap for £20 each, make sure the tyre is in good enough condition before you put it on, you don’t wana have to change them again in the next 1000 miles or so!


just had a call and getting my diablo plugged tomorrow so i’ll be keeping the Corsa as a trackday emergency tyre… well you never know My garage is now full of emergency items, part of being a woman I guess

2 extra helmets, 1 pair of extra gloves, extra boots, extra exhaust, extra leathers, tyres, even an extra bike as of tomorrow WOOHOO!!! LOL

That sounds like my garage…

And I’m no woman! But then seeing the state of my bikes it’s no surprise I’m prepared for anything!!!