How Much Do I Sell???

Got the standard exhaust that came with the KTM.

It looks minimal miles really and in good condition.

A chap has contacted and wants to buy it. How much shall I let it go for? I dont want to mug him or me off but i want it fair. Whats point of selling for a £1 if I can get £10, if you catch my drift.

if its this one id give it away cos mine is i a land fill somewhere:laugh:

if its this one probably £40 if its in good con.

ooo its the top one…

What to charge…I was thinking £30 inc postage to midlands?

if he needs one the £30 posted will do. a mate had one a while back at swaffham and went the say way mine did lol

you out on bcr tomorrow? im finally back on the road:w00t:

Any money for the original zorst is good. Usually even the pikeys wont taken em

Ill send him pics and say £30 + postage. I think he will want it.

BCR…hmmm…didnt get an invite…didnt know it was on.
Nevermind. Next time hopefully. I fricking loved it last week!

Glad your on the road! (at last)

Too true! Im on it!

I still have my cbr600rr standard zorst, about 2k miles…cant give it away!!!