How much did your fleet of vehicles cost this year?

I like Harry’s videos and dream of having a garage like his.
Skip to near the end for the bikes.

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I love Harry’s videos and this one was as geeky as the others.

The figure which really stood out for me was the £8k insurance premium which covers this massive fleet, some valued at a quarter of million quid, his whole family on them, and him to drive any car - and he regularly drives super-exotica.

That is the bargain of the century when I compare it to what my household pays for one car, one motorbike and one motor scooter.


OMG - Coughing and spluttering, firing on 6 of 12 cylinders, old school plugs and points ignition system what can it be? The very first, and only place as it turns out to look is inside the distributor cap, the prime suspects being points or rotor arm! Turned out to be a failed rotor arm but how the feck does that cost £140 + VAT to diagnose?

He gets ‘Power Spark’ electronic ignition kits for the Rolls Royce and Fiat 500 but not the Testarossa for that he’s happy to fork off £750 in labour charges!

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oh man! he has a Project 7 & 8… I think I might have cum a little when I saw those…

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