How much did you spend of fuel 2011/2012?

I think it was something like £2K. My bank send me a breakdown of my annual finances and I think my local Shell was 2nd or 3rd on the list (after Sainsburys). I’ll look it up when I get home. It was mostly Diesel I think.

£1235 :ermm: mainly for commuting

compared to annual season ticket of £1992 it sounds okay

…but if I add tyres £220, home servicing £50, sundry fines £60, tax and insurance £200, Parking £100…err my total for the year is £1865

that’s £127 less than public transport…:slight_smile:

…but then again I also save on beer… :unsure:

my fuel bill for the tax year 2011-12 was just shy of 3 grand,some of that was driving a work van but a fair bit on the bike and not counting any fuel i did’nt get receipts for.just waiting for the repayment from the tax man so i’ll get some of it back :slight_smile:

edit… just used the above calculator and im getting just shy of 46mpg and my fuel bill just shy of 2grand :pinch: on the bike

dont want to know, i remember passing my test and put in 10ltrs (£6ish) instead of £10. Everyone in the garage pissed themselves.
not anymore

GP if you don’t mind me saying your a lucky c*nt!.. If you do, sorry too late. Haters gonna hate :Whistling:

i think rich ^^ will get a better repayment than me if he is also self employed,or can reclaim expenses

£2400 :crying:

then theres servicing, tires… blablabla :sick:

Bike fuel bills for the last 12 months is £2120 for 13k miles.

I don’t want to add in costs for tyres, servicing, tinkering etc.

I could have spent £3k for a bus and train ticket instead but instead the same expenditure means I commute in 1/2 the time and the “spare” money covers my hobby :slight_smile:

Couldn’t tell. Only starting tracking with the new car. Will add the bikes to the spreadsheet as they come along.

Still probably far to much due to trading gambling on the price and government screwing everyone.

Around 1500 on bike and about 900 on the car even with insurance its still cheaper than getting a yearly train and bus pass to get back and forth to work (approx 4k)

I think that the rise in fuel costs are a symptom of the system of revenue collection to which we are subjected. To protest about the price of fuel, or even a vote for change is not enough. We are all at the mercy of the Bank of England and its monetary system, the Government included.

My understanding however, is that the government work out the budget, with the rise in fuel duty making up the difference.

Ouch, then again when I add it all up Art’s a happy bunny …

It’s not just the fuel, in the past 18 months/15,000 miles motorcycling has ripped £13,000.00 of hard earned from my pocket including:original purchasesroad fund licencesinsurancesecurityclothinginsurance claims/excessservicingtyres/brakesfuel (£1,500.00)FPN
On the bright side there is an asset of about £4,000 sitting in the stable, bringing my motorcycle spend down to £9,000 and, since my motorcycling was funded by quitting smoking back in 2007, my quit smoking and buy a motorbike life style change is at a break even point.