How much are new forks ?

:laugh: You are a bunch of funny faced ers :w00t:

hey killer yes now after a pair of six pot calipers for the

Did you ****** the forks on your 7 at Brands then?

What about some radials, they are far more superior to those 6 pot

no this is for me project bike a 500 triple as I said earlier zx7 just needs fairing…

cant fit radials to the zx7r forks can ya…but to be honest the bike only has 60bhp so she aint fast…will only get up to 120 or so and she isnt that heavy so happy with cheaper units…think it will do stoppies like a good un with those beasties on…

I know a man that can put a ford escort front end on it if you really wanted. Nothing is impossible. PMs aint working.

yes I guess its a measure of effect against cost…and availability…these will just bolt on and away I go…

ah okay on PM’s

got a few plans, we should chat some time me thinks…

Sure thing, give me a shout, and I’ll meet you at BMM or something? On my Kona.

Can U still say , ficking, **** ?Kwak want 235+vat for a comlete fork leg, top and bottom parts inc innards which doesn’t spound too ******* much :stuck_out_tongue:

… and you have the front to call me Tourettes :stuck_out_tongue:

That don’t sound to bad, better than being at the mercy of the Yammie spares funsters :stuck_out_tongue:

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yslart there are loads of second hand ones on the market…mine are just perfect…am bidding on a few more to get my options all sorted for me new projects…but brand new for one leg i guess isnt bad but you can get as good as new for 100 quid or so …thats better…


I have a set of 6 pot off me old 7r - prob is I was about to canabilise to sort my current , which are a bit sticky.

I’m happy to do a deal whereby I come to yours, get tea n bacon sarnie, assist with your 7r issues, and service the calipers - you can have what’s leftof them for free - prob be calipers, less a couple of pistons at worst.

That ok you old funhead?:smiley:

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Thanks all for highlighting gaps in the swear filter - a worthy exercise that was very much appreciated…:cool:

However please stop NOW :slight_smile:

No problem macp, always happy to help weadle out the fickers who have no manners ;):stuck_out_tongue: