How much are new forks ?

What do new forks for a modern 600 cost ? Just looking for a ball park figure for complete fork, nothing special, basic Honda/Kwak etc.

Lots of pairs of USD’s on ebay for roundabout £200ish but new would probably be an arm and two legs from a dealer;)Got another plan then Steve?:wink:

Yep :slight_smile:

You gonna put some forks on that busa engine?;):smiley:

He’s gonna do a smiled, get a bike in kit form :smiley:

Do you mean a whole fork assembly? Check out breakers, or call ABE in Greenwich (just south of the Blackwell pipe) who engineer fork legs, discs etc at decent prices.

I got a quote from Yamaha for a fork sleeve for an r1, the fwanted 342 quid! ******* rippers.

can anyone else see I guess its not censored. Anyway got 2 whole forks from Ebay fro £200

not sorted what it will be yet but am looking at making my own design…

its going to be funsters ing good I hope anyway…cant be any worse than the one i have…

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the have screwed up the email too…

The Mods won’t allow this to continue for long - the *******!!:DI understand why - kids like Terry inhabit this forum2Strokes - 7r fork legs £100 = good price mate.

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