how many times have you seen people get away with this?

we see them every day, those with no regard for anyone’s safety including their own.
in some ways i feel this video is like a little touch of karma, though i wouldn’t wish harm on people.

Sent a shiver down my spine as I’ve ridden that very section of the E40 numerous times before. Bad drivers are everywhere though, every day on the M25 I see somebody do something stupid like this.

Visibility visibility visibility. He assumed what was there, and screwed up right royally. I’m not sure whether I hope there were survivors or not. I’m not entirely sure I would want to ‘survive’ something like that.

Did anyone else notice they were all driving on the wrong side f the road :w00t:

The 24year woman driving the car got to hospital with “life threatening injuries”- Last I heard…


Yikes. I feel sorry for the lorry driver that had the dash cam. There was nothing he could have done about that, and it was correct for him not to have tried to swerve left, else he may have caused another collision.

From another forum, it seems the lady got away with broken cervical vertebrae and a badly mangled hand.
Old Fords must be tougher than they look!

Bad crash. Vertebrae brakes can be quit bad.

Yeah no visibility! I agree the lorry driver did well not moving and causing another crash.

Uhh as Art says, aren’t they on the other side…? Or am i just confused :-/