How many times have you crashed?

I stopped counting at 40.

3 times…

1st one 02.01.05 stacked in a car park and broke right scaphoid and left humerus, humerus plated, and scaphoid was pinned…

2nd highsided after being clipped by a trailer and bike ended up in a bus stop… and broke left humerus again…

3rd one October 05 had a car driven by uninsured, unlicenced to$$ers pull out in front of me taking me off with a tow rope… MIB claim now in progress…

would that be on the road. or track or off roading ?

with in what time frame, fell off a lot when I was five or six.

Cheers Mark

Twice on road, both not own fault (diesel & pedestrian), and er, about four or five times on track, I forget, most cases were due to me not respecting the changing weather conditions, or not appreciating the impact the weather would have on available grip First crash was the best though I think, at Cadwell Park, first trackday, came flying over the mountain, and for some reason, I kept on going with WOT and shot across the grass and fell off at high-speed, in front of all my mates spectating, hehe… Oh and at Croix when I flipped a bike in the wet.

Touch-wood, I’ve got all my track mistakes out the way and now ride well within my own, and the tyres limits.

Never… touch wood

slightly less times than MS-Windows.

I’ve crashed once on the street…showing off and pulling a 2nd gear wheelie as I exited a turn…spun up the rear and low sided to the right. I shattered my right hip socket…3 days in the hospital, 3 months of no load bearing on my right leg…a couple of months of physical therapy…and I’m good to go again…Scarcely damaged the bike at all.

Lesson learned.

I’ve crashed in the dirt more times than I can count…on two wheels…and on 4 wheels (ATVs).

Doh, Greg!

Not my finest hour, for sure…years and years of riding without major incident and one moment of stupidity gets me seriously injured.

That was the wrong time (late November…very cool and damp) and the wrong place (residential neighborhood) for that kind of thing. I paid for my stupidity IN FULL.

Like I said, lesson learned…

Print off and take to the Loo
Popped my cherry just outside Huntingdon (been riding for 1 month).
long line of traffic stopped and the car in front of mine was not paying any attention and slammed on his brakes as did the car behind him.
I was not paying enough attention and was watching the car in front and was riding too close.
No room on the right to over take so slammed on my brakes and weaved on the inside.
The car in front veered to the left as well and i was forced onto the grass verge.
Bike sank into the soft earth and i have no idea how this happened but i was thrown from the bike whilst it remained upright and shot pass all the cars on the inside and hit the camper van that was pulling out and causing the issue.
The bike ricochet off the van and went under the car at the front of the queue.
Whilst this happened i had rolled to me feet and was chasing my bike.
got to the front to find the hysterical women in the front car who assumed the dumb ass biker is lying under her car.
Had to calm her down and explain i was the idiot biker
Still have no idea how this happened but when i calm ed down i realised i was shaken with bruises but nothing serious
Bike has lost the left hand indicator and wing mirror but other than that was fine
Camper van side was completely caved in
The V-Max may have been a pile of crap but it was totally invincible
Second crash was again on the Virago
Coming through London at about 6am
Guy comes out of a side street and i slam the brakes on but could not control it and end up bouncing down the road but hit nothing.
Little White van tries to do a runner and so i chase on foot.
2 other bikes chase him and stop him about 250 yards down the road
I catch up and his excuse for running was that he was afraid of getting a kicking
Which was just about to happen when 2 police vans full of coppers turn up on their way back from a big bust.
The guy seemed a nice bloke and was truly sorry so i did not kick up a fuss
Exchange details
Turns out has no insurance and i am buggered
The last one worth mentioning was on Moorgate on the V-Max.
Coming down into town and a post office van pulls out from the bus lane and does a u-turn right in front of me (and under a “no U-Turn” sign)
I miss him but hit the ground very hard
I jumped up and went for him and luckily he had locked his door
Another biker calmed me down sufficiently to allow the postie out of his van.
His excuse was that he did see me but thought he could make it (with no bloody signal)
A Taxi that had seen it raced off and found 2 coppers and brought them back
I was fine but had a fair bit of claret from my legs as i was only wearing jeans but had a good jacket on.(always wear proper protection now)
To sum up my spanking new V-max had it’s frame at the front snap in two and had scratches and dents everywhere.
The postie admitted full responsibility and they post office (they are not insured but deal with there own claims) paid me a few thousand but nothing like the value of the bike
Luckily my mate owns a garage and they managed to weld the frame and sort most of it out and managed to keep a fair bit of the payout.

Where do I begin? Lots when younger but mainly off road so breaks, bruises and scratches. Three major offs including broken arm, leg and a crushed shoulder. last one was in 2001 when I went over the handlebars but fortunatly I landed on my head!!!

I have crashed three times in the last two years. First time somersaulted an ER5 whilst on my DAS. Second time whilst reversing my bike sat on it slipped on wet grass. Third time Car park six weeks ago, pulled away way to keen front wheel up only to look down and remember disk lock was still on. Doh!!

I wont bore you with the details on how many in what timeframe, its just silly…

Just one, last summer. Was filtering past a line of traffic on eltham high street when some dosey bint decided she had enough of waiting a turned left out of the que. Slammed on the brakes and fell off better than my head going thourgh the side window though! Only doing <10mph but was wearing jeans (bloody typical as i hardly ever wear them!) jeans lasted a nano second before wearing though, the flesh on my knee didn’t last much longer

Two majors;
March 2005 - Uninsured Polish twat in van hit me head on in Clapham Rd, sending me somersaulting clean over top of van. Injured back pretty bad, off work 5 months.
3 x spine injections, seeing specialist next week to sort out surgery
Still going through MIB :0(

August 2005 - Numpty bint pulled out on me when riding down A25 just outside Reigate. Over the top, landed on head, sparked me out.
Broken collarbone, broken rib, punctured lung, Slap lesion (cup what the ball of arm joint sits in in shoulder ripped off), bicep torn from bone and nerve damage to right arm
Had operations n stuff and am back at work - lots of physio n stuff to come AGH!!
Being handled by Rider Support - Great guys :0)

Various smaller off’s including 1990 avoiding 2 drunks on dark, rainy night in Rotherithe, who thought it good idea to take swing at me and I ended up hitting concrete wall. Ambulance to Guys, bad bruising to back n legs

Strange, but doesn’t put me off and just picked up the GSXR750 K6 the other month!!

I’m noticing a pattern emerging here… guys with the Tow rope who took me off were Polish too grrr

Just the one back in 2001.

Pick up truck pulled out from a side road and turned right into another side road more or less in the same move - I was trying to avoid him the first time but he got me on the right turn.

On a CCM and something caused a fuel leak or something as I was covered in lit petrol and hurled off the bike. Smashed my left ankle to pieces (pinned, screwed, bone and muscle graft and 11 months on crutches following 2 operations). I had MX Boots and full protective kit on and apart from the bad break and bruising got no burns - thank god.

The driver helped me extinguish my leg so he wasn’t such a bad sort! Bike sort of melted and was written off…

That was enough (touching wood)

only once, touch wood. I was stationary at some traffic lights last July when a muppet on his mobile in a van went forward too quickly. His bumper nudged my rear end (tyre that is ) and over I toppled. Not hurt but nice bruise on hip for a few days.

Once coming off Hanger Lane roundabout at about 7.30 on a Friday night…Not wearing any leathers Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, but it hurt a bit for a couple of weeks!

I won’t make that mistake again!

I think you look sexy in jeans tho.

I have had a few, but two worth mentioning.

Last year head on collision with a car. 25mph. Somehow only a scathoide thingy fracture. Didn’t want to go hospital but glad went in the end. BigEd helped me rescue the poor old dragstar.

Second was a guy pulling a u turn on me in traffic on the A2 on a slip road. Went over the bonnet but landed on a bottle of whisky which really hurt. SV written off despite only apparent cosmetic damage. Since may I have been ok, with some odd/dangerous moments but touch wood.

Does falling over after parking the bike count? Did that.