How many people will grass someone destroying a speed camera?

I once saw a guy cutting the wheel clamp from his car and people on the street were cheering and clapping. I know speed cameras are there for a purpose but I am not sure if people will bother reporting someone damaging a speed camera as most people hate them.

Why??? have you been a naughty boy!:w00t:

the thought just came to me as I saw many burnt cameras on A2

Speed Camera destroyed … rightly or wrongly they will replace it.

The money that costs will have to come from somewhere else, somewhere the money should be spent on - upkeep of roads, street cleaning etc etc etc.

So some idiot destroys a camera, if those bystanders that cheer have a little think about the bigger picture, they will see that they are the losers as the local Tax payers.

as much as i like to see a useless mashed gatso etc, what Trojan is saying right…

Other forms of protest don’t work . . . at least nobody can be injured or killed by a non-functioning speed scamera . . . good on them, the cash has to come from the local authority and they are not replacing them now as they don’t get the cashfrom the flashes, hence why there are more now still burnt out and not replaced.

I say destroy speed cameras placed in pointless and dangerous positions.

That one on the A24 after leaving Dorking which is hidden around a bend, or that one hidden in a corner on the north circ are prime candidates IMO.

there is about 6 of them burnt out on the A20 with in 2 miles that have not been replaced for months

yes, trojan couldn’t be more right…
those camera replacements will be coming out of your pocket easyrider!.

Thing is, that cost would be spread evenly among UK citizens.

When you receive a speeding ticket and penalty points, it’s you that has to deal with the fine and increased insurance for 4 years.

I say spread the love…I don’t mind paying a little extra tax for a burnt out speed camera.

i say spread the message of safety, & don’t speed…= nothing to deal with.

Which is why you own that Ninja :laugh:

If we’re spreading anything, then it should be education…Speed is only one factor of road safety.

More traffic Police (can’t really believe I said that) and less cameras = a punishment that fits the crime (i.e 3 points for 33 MPH in a 30 zone is over what is fit punishment) and better public perception of law and government in society in general.

Ha ha, I like that!:stuck_out_tongue:

Theres a couple of cameras around my way which were burnt out or pulled down a couple of years ago and havent been replaced. 1 of them was replaced but it was ripped out of the ground less than a week later

On my way home every night i pass a sign that flashes and tells you to slow down, which i always do.

I have seen ones in the states that actually tell you what speed you are doing and i thought these were great.

I loathe speed cameras as i can’t help but look at my speedo when i should be focused on the road ahead.

But saying all that, i do drive far too fast, as i am sure many of you do, and my view is well if i get caught i get caught and pay the consequences and don’t moan about it.

If you don’t want the points or the fines then it’s very easy----“Slow down”

Whether i agree with them or not Laws have to be abided by and our boys in blue need to uphold them. The other option is not one where i would want to live in.

Here endeth my sermon for today

But when the next biker is told by a local authority - yeah we’re sorry to hear that you came off due to a pot hole on the road, we know about it, it was reported last week but we don’t have the funds to repair it quicker.You won’t pay extra tax, the money is set and it is divided up, when one pot runs out then it will be taken from another pot where it should be getting spent on something else.Too many people in this world thinking of themselves as it is, without even more of us begining to do that.

Blimey! e’s got big trousers then,aint 'e?:stuck_out_tongue:

better to fight the stupidity of the UK speed laws legally and not vote for or support governments who lie about the issues and then try to make us believe that speed is the prime cause of deaths on the road…and then use it as an excuse to raise money…

Haha excellent, why pay to go to Santa Pod when you can get it for free? :hehe:

I think people get “Robin Hood Syndrome” about these things, me included :slight_smile:

It’s a bit like how Serial Killers are deplorable, but we’d love to stick one in a room full of Traffic Wardens :smiley: