how many of us own minimotos??

I’ve just brought a minimoto and was curious as to how many other LBers have one???

I know there is a lot of debate as to wether they are a good thing or not but not looking for a debate - just want to know if people who own/want to own - want to start some sort of league/regular meet at a track to use them (and make the most of a fantastic toy?)

I haven’t brought mine to use on the road - or put in the garage coz i don’t know where to use it/who to go with!!!

we all do so much together - why not have even more fun as a group and put those impulse buy’s to good use?? When i had a go on one (for the first time) at the nec last yr (i’m going again & having some more go’s on the minimoto track) - i was hooked and now i’ve brought one i want to use it.

What do we reckon peep’s - create our own league of LBer’s - and create a prize for top three???

I got one its used occasionaly! the rest of the time its an ornament sitting in my front room

hiya mate

ive got one and i think they are fantastic fun, im over in oxfordshire but there is a track we use every sunday in swindon (if you can be bothered to travel that far!).

i say we me and a couple of the lads from work, and its usually busy so theres always tools and that handy.

i say every sunday, its on every sunday!!! hangover

in fact its mini moto ing that got me into motorcycling in the fiirst place, mad innit!!!


Exactly my point - come on lets get something going and use them!

Bunch of yobs … now where are those Asbo orders ??

i got two at the mo,a small blata and a chinese one which is getting painted the same colours as me big bike,i know,i am a tart,why dont we post some pics up of our mini’s?


Hey tro,we could always see if we could get u a mini pan or something and put a yella stripe and some blue lights on it for ya


cant give them out on private property can you???

That would be a crack to see Trojan chasing you lot round a track at least it would be fun until he gave up the chase and just shot ya tyres out…or got his pals to lay a stinger.

Ooh wicked get it on guys it would sell stacks of videos if ya got it filmed.

There’s food for thought for ya chappies & chapesses.

How bout we add a small paint pellet gun to the Police bike and the person who gets caught and shot first, has to then give up being chased and be the chaser…Moto Tag ® .

Would be a cracking game…Bit dangerous but there’s the fun.

If Trojan is ever chasing you just cross a bit of grass. He’ll not be able to follow. So as long as you keep it upright you’re home free.

Who told you lot you were funny ?