How many numpties have you seen riding bikes in shorts & t-shirts??

I’ve seen at least a dozen :w00t: I for one like my skin attached to my body!!!

A few out today. Sometimes it feels tempting but never seems worth the risk.

I have lost count!!! I agree that I like my skin too much to risk it.

At least a dozen in town on Friday. Makes me cringe but it’s their choice if they are aware of the dangers.

I saw a young guy today in shorts and a ‘T’ wheeling up the road, with a female pillion, dread to think of the state they would be in if the worst happened:sick:

I’m ALWAYS suited and booted;) (does get a bit warm though)

Loads over the last few days here in Milton Keynes, in t’s and shorts…

On everything from Twist-&-Waits, through customs to hyper bikes.

No, I agree, not worth it - it may not be their fault if they get knocked off, but it’s them that will suffer.

Take care out there, ladies & gents

I saw a a rider with no T-shirt, shorts and trainers riding like an idiot on a GSX 1000.

it’s a style choice for h-d and custom riders, and seems to be accepted by everyone. i think i’m gonna get something like that judging by how hot it’s been :wink:

i went out in a vest today…

boots leather trousers back protector gloves lid and vest…

Seen all sorts the last few days. Sandals, shorts, t-shirts …
One of the weirder ones was an old guy on a BMW on Friday waring “business casual” (flimsy shoes, slacks …) and on top a fleeze???
It was bloody hot as it is, if you’re not going to wear any protective clothing, why would you wear a fleeze in 25C sunshine??
I also so a lady on an ET4 in full protective gear except ballet style slippers.

so many; wasn’t in Hayes/Southall possibly was it?. 03 plate!.

we stopped & reported one doing tricks - especially the one where he jumped the lights in front of us (we were on bike’s as well!) ! & after seeing us, decided to try and make off at speed hiding away into Southall McDonald’s Drive-Thru :ermm: i don’t think so!.

no insurance, no licence!, vehicle seized!.

No Large Big Mac Meal for Him!.



hmm I go out on my quad no helmet not jacket and normal clothes…and I sometimes pop to the shops in whatever I am wearing…on one of me oldies…I know its crazy but more than a couple of miles and I am kitted out…but did see a lad on honda oldish blade I think…with sandals, midi length shorts and jacket…hope he keeps it straight…

I allways, allways wear full leathers nowdays, ive have experienced road rash, its not pleasant :sick:

In my younger and foolish years, whilst riding a sportsbike, wearing only shorts, trainers and a jacket, i came off, sliding along the tarmac at 30 MPH :frowning:
Kissed goodbye to the skin on my palms, and shaved the skin off my thigh, down to my hip bone.

Not sure what was the more painfull, getting the injuries, or having the nurse, rub my wounds with a nail brush, to get the gravel out of them :frowning:
I was living in Spain at the time, how i wished i was back in Blightey, with our caring NHS :slight_smile:

Needless to say,I wont be as siklly again. Even if its only a mile down the road i recomend everyone to wear proper protection.

If it is, walk… Much faster than getting geared up…

along the highway on fri i saw a tasty looking chick on a scooter with a tiny skirt on a t shirt as lovely as she looked all i could think of was …how much road rash she would have if she was unfortunate to fall off…is it me or am i just getting old :slight_smile:

well id just be thinking
what an idiot for wearing a skirt on a scooter
because even if you dont fall off everyone gets to see your pants :stuck_out_tongue:

am I getting old as that seems good to me…

Riding through Budapest yesterday a guy came past riding like an idiot. Casual trousers - short sleeved shirt and normal type shoes. He had a helmet but not fastened. I got along side him at the light and felt like saying something to him…It was only the fact that his bike had Police written all over it which stopped me:w00t: Great example for the young kids who are thinking this is the way to do it:)

if its hot enough, i’ll ride without gear sometimes (just helmet and gloves)