How many miles do you get from a full tank....

…as per the subject + how much does it cost to fill her up?

Particulary interest in knowing with the bigger capacity bikes (ie. 600cc+).

I have just cained the full tank after 60 miles on my R1 but then I have been spanking it about.

Thanks - Sunny.

2006 R1 spanking about i will get about 120 - 135 miles per tank fuel light will come on about then. if i dont use harsh acceleration and keep it under 70 i can pull 20 odd miles on reserve but its pushing it

i do just over 100 miles and it costs me about £9.00 odd to fill up again on the ZX7R (W reg)…and i dont dawdle!!

i dont like to clock over 100miles, so im not empty, but seeing as i ran out once, it aint gonna happen again

Just had my worst ever 85 on my CBR600F but I have been revving hard commuting and running it without going anywhere as I had to change the fan so needed to get it warm and test it. Normally get up to 100 but unless going out of town thats the most.

On the Bandit - 120 ish miles to reserve, about £12 to fill the tank

On the Zed - 160 miles till fuel light flashes, about £14 to fill the tank

I do 100 miles on my CBR 600 FS and refuel. Usually costs about £9 - £10.

I’ll consistently get 130 miles from my SV650S for £12 of fuel. I ride it fairly hard.

i get between 70/75 miles out of £15 tank…best i got was 91 on ride out with cb owners club…they thought they were riding hard and my bike went into economic mode…(not so hard riding after all)

ooh Joe, I don’t envy your petrol bill!

The firestorm has a dreadful tank range and the petrol light comes on after about 95 miles (85 two up), and I if I am frugal I can get 110 miles to the tank. Approximately £12 to fill up or £13 before the recent small decrease in fuel prices.

i get between 125-140 doing fast accelleration and high speed most of the way to work! CBR600F! to fill the tank its usually between 13-16quid!!!

I get around 130 to a tank at £13 on the busa, about 90 miles if i cane it

Me too … filled the CBR up today (was on the middle flashy bar jobbie on reserve) and it was £12 from Chavda’s round the corner

Around 120-130 (in London) on the Thundercat till the reserve light comes on. Costs around £14-15 to fill up. Total fuel capacity 19 litres (reserve around 3).

The day we went the Harwich I filled up and it went onto res on the way home, cost me £13.50 to fill up and I had done 205 miles, not bad for a 1600


not getting as much as flatster - only get a ton before the light but my daily commute is pretty stop start and mostly riding in the city.

Are you one of those people that just cruise @ 55 miles an hour - all the way!!! or was that back in 1694???

I thought I was doing well on £17 for 200 miles on a 1200 !!!

The SV does 108 miles (dont know why its so exact) till the petrol light comes on in town and 130+ when riding out.


55 mph only in the 40 limit


About 180 miles to a tank, and i can usually squeeze in about £6.00

About 115 motorway miles (and that’s not hanging about) for £13-£15 full tank on my GSXR1000