How many members does it takes to change a light bulb?

i am going to find this in 6 months time then lol

also forgot to say that 1 memeber will be posting that the thread has negative posts towards scooterists… :wink:


What about the -

2 that mention Aldi has a weekly special on light bulbs

14 that complain about unreasonable charges for light bulbs

2 that counter saying that the cost of light bulbs is reasonable

1 posting that there is an online petition about the cost of light bulbs

Oh and the 1 that says that if you really want to make a difference to the cost of light bulbs you should write to your MP!

Not quite, but a ******** **** ***** ****** ******.

Hmmm, it would seem that I have been “moded” by Macp filter! :w00t:

Do you advocate environmentally light bulbs for this or should we be stockpiling the old type?

Don’t forget the one LBer who points out this is an indicator bulb and it’s coloured and the row that ensues accusing him of being “bulbist”;):cool:

“Bulbist”? Where do you think you are, the VFR Owner’s Club?

vedere come i cavalcare uno italiano bici e bere latte, possiamo avere questo thread anche in italiano, lampadina

Whats that? You can’t chenge the bulb on your Italian bike without a latte in one hand?;):smiley:

Hahaaha something like that :wink:

Can we also have a count on the discussion that will take place about the proper way to dispose properly and with regard for the environment the changed lightbulb/light bulb/lamp please?

or one to ignore anything that comes from our french members :slight_smile:

Oh yes. And another one will post just to link in some random pictures they’ve found from the internet


psml!! :smiley:

Well, you’re right, we’ve all got our particular quirks, which, for my money, is one of the good things about the forum. Even better if we can laugh about them.

Now [beats chest and roars like Tarzan] stop slagging off scooters!!!:smiley: Or else I’ll start asking whether your gf likes her new furry muff(s) :stuck_out_tongue:

furry muffs mmmmm…leave it !!! :smiley:

is is time to re post it yet :hehe::hehe:

Ironic +1


Why is that Martin, has your bulb gone on the KTM:w00t: