How many bikes in a van?

Hi all, considering renting a long wheelbase sprinter, putting 4 bikes in it and driving rather than riding up to scotland for a tour. Internal dimensions of the van are Length :360cms, Width :: 175cms.

Now considering the size of a multistrada 950 (for example) is 228cm long, 99 cm wide, could I squeeze 4 bikes in the van?

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Had gtr1400 , Daytona 675 and cbr600 easily in lwb sprinter ( enterprise hire)
I use frontwheel chocks to ease strapping / stability.
So another bike will fit ok with planning

we took 7 enduro bikes and all the gear in the same van to the Isle of Man a few years ago … bit of a squeeze but all got in nicely. that is with the handlebars still on …enduro bike would be the same length …wide handlebars but narrow body … plus not so worried about scratching etc

I’ve never had the fortune to drive a sprinter, although it would be my dream van :slight_smile:
4 would be fine with front wheel chocks I imagine, having never done more than one myself. Maybe 3 if looking to leave on sidestand. Tie down points on the loadbay floor are usually plentiful but make sure you check in advance none are broken as each bike requires 3 straps if on a sidestand, and 4 if on a centre stand I think (although I personally wouldn’t advise that).
Be mindful that a sprinter is rwd. This is important as the load floor is higher up. Something like a renault master would be a lower load if you are concerned with making life easiest for yourself on loading. I was using a rwd tranny when I loaded and unloaded my 8’ tall, 250kg+ bandsaw, and when I was walking that down a offcut ramp I’d thrown together for the job I did kind of wish I’d got a lower one then

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Not all Sprinters are rear wheel drive any more.

Did use a Luton with Tail lift last year for using gtr on a track day …
Not doing that again
The load securing rails are only bonded to the side and began to part company by end of day and having a bike that is 3 inches shorter than the width of the tail lift and having to shunt it back and forth on alternate lock to load and unload …

always worth getting a friend to video the loading/unloading process as well for the £250 you’ve been framed prize money !

had a few close shaves so joking aside always worth making sure you have a good ramp or two !